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Ladies I am so frustrated, overwhelmed, wanting to cry all the time. I can not wait until this whole stupid wedding planning process is over. I hate every minute of it, even thinking about planning anything anymore is makes me so stressed. Everyone is like awee wedding planning is the best. I wish i had half of that feeling. In my hometown you can have an amazing wedding for around 2 thousand and now I live in the sweltering heat of Arizona and the average wedding cost is 10k. I can't even handle the THOUGHT of spending that much. 

I finally settled on 4k but even that budget is hard to even come close to. Then I keep looking and searching and keep getting let down and just get more and more frustrated. Then you book a big space and you have to pay more for a separate set up for the ceremony even though you just dropped 4k on the space and tables. I literally do not know what to do. 

We are getting married in 123 days, August 31st, I have already moved the date once and refuse to do it again, well can't, my family's plane tickets are booked, I would get married anywhere but everytime I seek advise I get these ghetto places as responses, which is fine but most of those places are outside. I don't know 1 person that wants to spend an entire day in a wedding dress outside when it is 102 °

Does anyone know of a open hall or open VFW or something like that, something air conditioned, REALLY cheap to rent for a few hours that comes with tables and chairs that I am able to decorate on my own in the Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe/Gilbert/Chandler, AZ area?? (I did post this there too...)

 Feeding and entertaining 100 people for a couple hours should never ever ever cost this much.

AND did I mention we don't have families helping, it is all us. I am sorry for freaking out, i am just so upset and getting married in Minnesota is not an option because his entire family (15 people in his immediate family) just can't afford the trip. 

Thank you and I am so sorry about the vent I am just overwhelmed. My dad lives in Minnesota as does my sister, my best friend decided not to be my best friend anymore and she also lives in Minnesota, Jeremy isn't a whole lot of help I have no mom.. Nothing. I am just at whits end. All I want is to be a bride, to have my daddy walk me down the aisle, people standing to watch me do that, marry my best friend and have our first dance. That's all I want. :(


  • Yes it can be overwhelming.  Have you tried posting on your local board for venues in the Phoenix area.  I'm sure that you can find something.  Also check out the budget board for other advice on ways to save money.   A couple of ideas. 

    Is it possible to reduce your guest list to just immediate family and have a nice dinner at a local restaurant?  

    Morning wedding and brunch receptions are also often less expensive than dinner. 

    There are all inclusive places out there. Our venue includes tables, chairs, linens & centerpieces for a single set up fee and then just a food and beverage minimum spend.  

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  • I know the feeling! We are paying for everything ourselves also and living in Southern California is not cheap for a wedding. I am sure everything will work out, try not to worry to much. Wedding are about 2 people coming together as husband and wife and making promises to each other for life not about the fancy wedding stuff. But I do agree with dawnp917 try your local board and see if they can help. I am sure things will turn out.

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  • Have you thought of getting married in a church. There are some churches that will let youget married there if you are not members for a nominal fee. Most churches also have banquet halls or activity rooms you can use for a reception again for a nominal fee. You may not be able to have alcohol, but you can always set up a after-party somewhere.
  • If you find a cheap place that doesnt have tables and chairs try talking to local churches and firedepartments. I know in my area you can borrow these free of charge at a first come first serve basis. We rented out a place at a county park the included tables and chairs for only a few hundred from 10am-10pm. I would try there.

    not sure of pricing for this place in your area but you should call and find out.

    Looks like most of your county park areas are all outside but look around on your county park website and see what you can find. Good luck.

  • Have you looked at Tre Bella? I am getting married there on the 27th of August and they are AMAZING! I really can't say enough about the venue, the prices, the packages and everything it comes with. Not to mention if you need anything extra like flower centerpieces or cake, Kim the owner of Tre Bella knows how to get a good deal. I didn't think it would be possible to do a wedding in under 5 months but we managed to pull it off with this venue. Just a thought. Best of luck!
  • If I were you, I would set aside about 2-3 hours and sit down, and do some internet research followed by phone calls.  I liked the website because it gives many local vendors and even if it's not exactly what you want, it may spark an idea.  Google VFW, Elk's Lodge, Lion's Club, Rotary Club, Women's Club (anything civic/club) in your area and pick up the phone to find out prices & availability.  OR, look on their websites and find out where these groups meet for ideas.  Also, consider any buildings for rent through your County/City Park System.  If you still are lost, start looking at catering companies in your area and try calling some for recommendations on locations.  They have likely been to every venue that allows an outside caterer and if you get the right person on the phone, they'll likely spend 5-10 minutes with you telling you about some hidden gems, or places that are inexpensive.  They may be especially helpful if you throw in some inquiries about their pricing and availability for your date with them even if you have no plans on actually using them.  Another option would be to call florists or cake bakeries for venue recommendations that they have decorated.  Just be willing to pick up the phone and be bold.  Remember, these people don't know you and anyone that is rude, just blow it off!
  • I agree that the planning part is NOT FUN.  Many a  tear have I shed over details.  I have a few tips for you, I hope they help.  1)  Try to remember that it's the marriage that's important, not the color ribbon or seating chart  2) I found a nice resturant that does everything for you....sets up tables, decorates with your colors, and cleans up afterward (for no extra charge).  We're also doing a lunch rather than a dinner (it's cheaper, i'll be to excited to wait all day for the wedding, and we can actually enjoy some of the wedding night alone, rather than it being to late and to tired to enjoy)  3)EBAY EBAY EBAY.  I have bought 90% of my decorations (and even our wedding bands) from ebay and saved a TON of money.  For example, the jewler would have cost us over $1000 for our wedding bands, which, I found on ebay, new, never been worn, for less than $80 combined.

    I hope your day turns out as you dream.  Thoughts/prayers are with you. 
  • I am so sorry!!  *HUGS* to you!! 

    I'm not familiar with the AZ area, but you can google VFWs and such in the area.  I also like the suggestion of getting married in a church, then going somewhere else for a reception (that is what FI and I are doing). 

    Wish I could help more, but all I can think of is sending another *hug*!  Good luck...
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  • If you're not planning on serving alcohol, the options are much less limited and expensive.  A church is a great idea, and if you weren't planning on a religious ceremony and feel odd having your ceremony in the sanctuary you could use a part of the hall area or outside for just the ceremony.  Union halls, community centers, school gymnasiums, or on stage at a college/community theatre could be options for reception.  I love your budget, but it's amazing how fast it goes.  STICK TO IT!!  You'll be much happier not stressing about being broke or repaying borrowed money after the wedding.  Good luck!!
    PPs...I love all the budget saving ideas, especially calling caterers to ask about venue options!
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