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Do not play list?

Do you ladies have a do not play list for the reception?

My FI and I are going to start looking at reception songs and I just want some ideas of song you ladies would NOT want played at your reception. Just because their may be some we may not think of. :)


Re: Do not play list?

  • For me it's definitely no Chicken Dance. I made a concession to my mom on the Hokey Pokey because she thinks my nephews will enjoy it and, well, I'm a sucker for those kids.

    No country. Bluegrass, Johnny Cash, etc. are okay but definitely not under any circumstances can pop country like Rascal Flats be played.

    I'm sure there will be others as we get closer. No "Come on Eileen" because I just hate that song!
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  • Our DJ asked us what the average age of our guests would be. I thought that was an interesting question/way to look at the group. I estimated the average age of our list is 40 years old. Obviously, he was asking to cater to specific generations of music, if we so desired.

    I'm gonna request no groupy dance songs like the Chicken Dance, ChaCha Slide, and what not. No country songs, FI and I are not fans. Here is a link to commonly requested songs:
    I imagine your average DJ would pick from a list like this, trying to cater to a typical wedding audience. GL!
  • We said no to any form of 'group dancing' song - YMCA, Electric Slide, etc.
  • I'm glad to hear some of these answers... My mom was kinda making me feel like I was being a Debbie Downer because I said no chicken dance, YMCA, etc.  Glad I'm not alone in my loath for that shiit. 

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  • I am totally opposite from yall, we are doing all of the group dance songs, the only one im not looking forward to is the cha cha slide since its soooo long, but my step daughter wants it played. The one thing we dont want played is rap, hard rock, techno. We are country people so we will have a lot of country music, and the average age for our group is around the 40's as well.
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  • FI made me promise no group dances, so Macarena and Electric Slide and Cotton Eye Joe are out.  He's waffling on YMCA.  I think he's also veto'd "We are Family".  Most anything Country that isn't Top 40's, any songs that have to do with breakups:

    "White Wedding" by Billy Idol is about how he didn't approve of his sister's marriage
    "I Will Survive" is about a woman dealing with a breakup - nope!



  • definitely NO to country and NO 'we are family/celebration/ymca' etc

    Group dances are okay, but we might specify a couple we like.
    I conceded to the chicken dance because it has family ties (my great grandma learned it on a cruise ship and was SO EXCITED to come home and teach the family. so its kind of an homage to her. my cousin has plans to find the lyrics in italian and sing it.haha)

    we're pretty much going to tell the DJ that before he plays a typical boring wedding choice, to think of a good 90s throwback to play instead (will smith, eifel 65, nelly, etc). those would at least get some laughs!

     usually DJs know to start with the more classic music (rat pack, swing, lighter stuff) and move towards more dance club and modern towards the end of hte night (when the old folks have gone home)
  • Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one saying NO to country music!! We are definitely not having any country music, but that's really about it for me right now. I might think of some other things along the way.
  • We are ALL for the group dances, but to the ladies on here who aren't, that is your choice and your wedding day should be what you want, not what everyone else wants!!

    Our do not play list includes some specific songs, and certain groups.
    We are limiting country music (there are a few that we like, but most are out!!)
    Individual songs not to be played:
    "Rockin a Beer Gut" (FI DESPISES this song)
    "I'm Too Sexy" (sensing a striptease happening to this song)
    "Hot In Here"- Nelly (again, striptease, not wanted at our reception)
    "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"
    "Bad Day"
    "You Give Love a Bad Name" (I'm going to try and ban this, have cousins who will want it though...)

    We are banning all songs by the group BlackHawk (which is a country group so the "limited country" should cover that shouldn't it??)..
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    I do not do the group dances, so we are limiting that to one song, which I am letting my sister pick (since FI and I dont care) so I think she is going with Cha Cha Slide. Other DNP's are Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and Every Breath You Take by The Police (such a popular wedding song, but hello, it's about stalking. How romantic.) Country music will be limited to specified songs. There are a few slow/love songs from the early 90's that I love and want played, but I cant stand the new/current "pop country" nonsense.

    We are going for a more classic party rock vibe with the occassional dance-y clubby song thrown in, but like PP, we would prefer older stuff from the 90's for comical value.
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  • A lot of them have already been mentioned, but we are adding anything from Grease and the Bunny Hop to our DNP list.

    I think we are going to have the DJ throw in one polka song just for fun.
  • Haven't read responses yet...but at my cousin's wedding they apparently didn't have a "no play" list, or at least not a very good one lol There was one song they played..."pu$$y control" by Prince...OMG I about died. My dad was sitting there bopping his head and foot to it LMAO So yea, that's definitely on my do not play list! Along with other songs similar. I'm going to have a lot of kids there, so I'd like to keep it kid friendly, at least until the last hour or so.

    As for dances like the YMCA, tootsie roll, chicken dance, etc...I'm all for them! I like them because people know them and get excited to get up and do them. I'm so afraid of people not wanting to dance, so I think songs like that will help get people out of their seats!
  • All depends on your taste. Personally, all the tacky dances are in....cause many of my friends can't dance and so they can at least dance to something. Also, most of our relatives and friends are older. I leave it up to the DJ for the most part, however these styles are just not going to fit: rap, techno, anything overtly sexual.
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