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Fraud (NWR)

I got a phone call from my bank today that they were investigating some suspicious charges to my account. Apparently some hotel in Santa Monica, California authorized charges to my checking account from my debit card number. I am in Minnesota and I still have my debit card. I'm thankful that my bank was on top of this (the charges were taken off and my card was cancelled) but now I'm a bit freaked out. How did they get my debit card number?

Anyone else had this happen to them?

Re: Fraud (NWR)

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    Oh, that's terrible! Well, good to hear your bank caught it! Have you made any online purchases lately? Do you do any internet banking? I'd change your passwords, if I were you.
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    Have you used your debit card online recently? That's a really easy way for people to get your number (and why you should always use a credit card or paypal online). The only other thing I can think of is a skimmer, which attaches to ATMs and the like and steals the numbers off the cards. Those are hard to catch.

    I'm glad your bank caught it and is investigating, tho. Usually it's difficult to get debit charges like that reversed.

    PS- Did you get your secret santa box??? =D
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    I purchased a couple things online for Christmas one from and another from a local place. I don't really use ATMs because I just withdraw cash when I'm at the bank. I'll definitely change my password for online banking too.

    Yes, I got my SS gift. I posted about it in one of the other threads.
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    This happened to my FI once from swiping his debit card at the grocery store.  This is one reason I use credit cards.  It took forever for him to get credited and he was out the money until then.
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    My sister went to a destination wedding of all things in Mexico. Everyone that went to the wedding got their info stolen somehow. She only got something small charged to her but got it back...the brides parents had a vespa charged to their card and there was something else ridiculously expensive. I am assuming they got that credited back.
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    There was a big outbreak of this in the area that I work in, in CT over the holidays.  Luckily I guess, I lost my debit card under our bed around that time, so I hadn't been using it.  My aunt was out a couple thousand dollars.   Such a bummer!  I'm glad your bank was on top of it!
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    Most credit and debit cards nowadays have an RFID chip in them detailing your card information as well as personal.  You can wave your card over some grocery store pinpads to pay rather than swiping through.  RFID is also very easily hackable.  One only needs an RFID scanner and be 100ft away from you at most to get information.  My FMIL fell victim to one of these scanners once just paying at Panda Express of all places!  Be careful out there!
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