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I know this might be a stupid question but which leg are you supposed to wear your garters on?  I have asked a few people and no one really knows.  Any thoughts?
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Re: Garter?

  • I looked this up and it seems that it really doesn't have a tradition of being on a certain leg...most brides just choose whichever one is more comfortable for her.  I did find this though (it was the only reference I found to a particular leg)... "Another variation on this custom in the 19th century was for the local youths to race from the church to the bride's house. The first was given the honor of removing the bride's left garter. He would then tie this around his own true love's knee as a guard against unfaithfulness".

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  • I went and looked back at my prom pics and we always seemed to wear it on our left leg. But i don't think it really matters.
  • That's not a dumb question. But mine probably is. I see garters come in a pair, one to toss, one to keep. Do you actually wear both of them?
  • I think you just wear the one. and then keep the"toss" one somewhere nad have a BM get it.
    I looked back at photos of brides, they tend to wear it on the left. The only reason I can think is that I am right handed, so the left makes sense to me seince it seems easier to put on that leg and most people are right handed lol
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  • I will be wearing both and have already instructed FI to take only the bottom one off to be tossed, the other one will stay on for later in the night. And you should just wear it on whatever leg is most comfortable.
  • Well, garters come in pairs because originally they held up your stockings (before we had the nice stockings with tummy-control tops). Since most brides today use them decoratively/for tradition, you can wear them however the heck you want. I think I'm going to wear both of mine on my right leg, toss garter underneath keep garter, so that I don't accidentally get my keep garter thrown.

    (I misread the question as how you are *going* to wear your garter, not *supposed*. My answer should be "however you want", not "right leg".)
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