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XP: Can you help me find a bridesmaids dress?

*I posted this to the Attire and Accessories board, but also wanted your opinions!  

I've asked my girls to choose an ivory dress, short/knee length dress for my wedding.  I also asked them to avoid lace if possible, because my dress is lace.  So far, four girls have a dress, but one is still struggling.  Can you help us find options for her to look at?  I feel like we've looked everywhere! 
She is a size 16 and very busty, and she never feels comfortable in strapless or anything too revealing.  We're trying to stay between $100-150, maybe up to $175.  If it makes a difference, my wedding is being held in a church at 4:30pm.  I feel like it has a fairly laid back feel, nothing super formal.  The guys will be be wearing gray suits. 

Here are the other girls dresses: 

Thanks for your help! 
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Re: XP: Can you help me find a bridesmaids dress?

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