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Fun facts for our reception tables... help?

For our reception tables, we're trying to come up with fun facts to tie in with our table numbers.  For example, table number 3 will be marked with a big three and the message "day in November when Sarah was born". Number 8 will be "number of passengers that could fit in Adam's high school vehicle (an Astro van!)".  We want some creative ideas... Can you guys help? 

We've come up with 
- birthdays 
- sports numbers 
- day of proposal
- months we've been engaged
- number of cars I've driven (it's five, and I'm only 25 - I'm a bad driver)
- number of years our parents have been married 
- number of cousins we have (big families)
- miles between our high school homes
- age when we first met
- number of years we've known each other 

What can you think of?  The more creative/goofier, the better!  

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Re: Fun facts for our reception tables... help?

  • Number of siblings you have? (might be small not sure)
    Number of toppings you like on your ice cream? (you asked for silly)
    Age of your pets if you have any
    Month (number) of first date
    Size of your feet or his feet shoe size
    Age either of you got your 1st cell phone (I know i didnt get mine until college).
    sorry i was trying to think of random things. And not sure how many tables you have.

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  • Golden and silver birthdays for you and FI (silver is golden birthday reversed, so like 12 and 21)
    Number of places you have lived
    Favorite Number
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  • a few more 'random' ideas:

    number of shoes (or pairs of shoes) that will take over your shared closet
    favorite TV channel to watch together
    favorite song's track number (example: song #3 on the CD)
    number of seconds your first dance song is
    number of dates before either said 'i love you'
    number of seconds he had to wait for a response after proposing
  • Yay, we were talking about this idea last weekend. Here is what we came up with for ours. Feel free to steal from this:
    1-Our first date
    2-MN Twins since we are big fans
    4-Fantastic 4 image with our favorite super heroes
    5-Our dream jobs when we were in Kindergarten
    10-Top 10 places we want to visit
    11-The number of years we've been together
    13-Favorite horror movies (since Fri. the 13th is horror related)
    20-10 facts about each of us
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