August 2012 Weddings

Where are the August brides?

Come on, I know there's a few of you out there! 

If nothing else, all of you who are currently in law school or whose FI is in law school and waiting for the July 2012 bar exams to be over!  I hear August is crazy busy with law school weddings.

At least that's my situation... but we're also packed into August because he's in the Marines and will have to report for active duty that fall.  A lawyer and a Marine... talk about no flexibility in wedding planning!  So August 2012 it is.

Anyone out there?  Why are you waiting until August 2012?
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Re: Where are the August brides?

  • I graduate in May 2012 that's why we're waiting. We also may be moving to Texas in Sept and I start my masters program in Sept. but any ways when are you guys are starting to plan? or if you are starting to plan hows it going? I am so excited!
  • we are waiting for August 2012 to try to save money. Also my Dad is getting married in October of this year. We also hope to to be futher in school. Mainly to give us time i feel like.
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  • Hey!
    I'm getting married in August of 2012. We decided not to get married till 2012 because we both want to be finished with school and have time to find some where to live and jobs and all those important things. I am soo excited though to slowly start planing 
  •  I am right here! Planning a August 2012 Wedding in Buffalo NY. I already know the budget, the venue, the colors, ect. I am glad that me and my future hubby are working together on this. I am just on this board to get some advice and share some advice!Smile
  • I'm also getting married August of 2012. August 4th, actually. My fiance and I are waiting untill then so that he will be graduated from college.
    I figured I was the only one planning a wedding this far in advance!
  • I am getting married on August 11,2011. We are waiting to save more money so we can actually go on our honeymoon right after the wedding, we wanted to do it next year but just wasnt possible. I thought i was the only one planning so far in advance, good to know im not the only one.
  • Jason and myself are waiting because his sister gets married next year and we will be able to save more money by aug sucks to wait so long but....we are willing to do it so as not to put a damper on her time as a bride :)
  • Hi :) my FI and I are planning our wedding for August 4, 2012 (like danifay!). we've started with major things but I'm really, really starting to get into planning now. it seems torturous to have to wait 2+ years, but we're waiting for him to finish grad school and to get our finances in order. we're hoping to save enough for a down payment while saving for a wedding. so we'll see!!
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  • katlynwkatlynw member
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    I'm also getting married August 4th, 2012. We're waiting because we both graduate college May 2011 and we want time to get finances in order, figure out where we are going to be living and just get everything in our lives in order. Our reasons all sound very similar :)
  • My fiance and I are having an August 2012 wedding also. We will still be in school, but we are involved with the Air Force and we want to be married before we commission. We are hoping for August 11th, 2012. We already know the venues, but not the colors or anything else yet. Good luck everyone! =)
  • Hey we diceded  to get married on agust because first i need to finish my college and we need to save a lot of money..:) and the most important thing is that is the day that GOD want us to get married...:)
  • I must say I am both disappointed and relieved to be an August 2012 bride. See initally I was a July 2011 bride but a couple of night ago my fiance and I decided that we needed more time to save and for me to graduate from college. I'm very sad because I already booked the church and reception venue. Not to mention my dress is being altered as we speak, (I'm having it lace up the back and adding a cathedral train)..

    But I'm also kinda relieved because I am a nursing student. If we were to marry in July 2011 I would be right in the middle of clinicals and other difficult classes. I am graduating in August 2012 so having a wedding right after graduation would be great so I can go on honeymoon and not be stressed about school.

    Alas, August 2012 is sooo far away. At least you guys understand what were going thru!


  • We are planning an August 2012 wedding so we can save the money and do it basically on our own. We are in no rush to make our marriage official, as we already feel like we're married and that is good enough for the both of us. We are together and happy and that is all the matters! 

    Good luck to all of you in your planning! May we all have long, healthy, happy marriages! Laughing
  • Right here! Our date is also 8/4/12. FI graduates in Dec 2010 and we'd like a little more than six-eight months to save and such. So far we have booked our venue and photographer - that's about it.

    It's really refreshing to take it slow and actually enjoy the planning process - instead of the mad dash it seems to be with short engagements!
  • I'm suprised with how many 08/04/12 weddings there are already! It's amazes me how we are all waiting for pretty much the same reason!
  • Wow!
     A lot of people are waiting!!!
    That makes me feel better. When I tell people I am getting married in 2012 they always say "wow long engagement"
    It seems like a ton of people are waiting until they graduate--tons of young brides- I was so surprised!

    I am actually waiting because of a kind of stupid reason-- I HATE ODD numbers hahaha
    and I would Die if i had to get married in 2011.
    Plus, two of my friends, and two cousins are getting married in 2011 already--so I really cant get married then

    Alsop- I really want the wedding of "my dreams" (as everyone does) and saving for 2 years, opens up more doors with venues, flowers, etc

    Then we have weddings in july 2012-- so August it is.
    My ideal date, was early July- but ah well! We ar ethinking the end of august and im excited to be a summer 2012 bride!! and that there are a few more of us out ther! whoo hoo congrats everyone
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    I'm an August bride because we're saving for the wedding and he's going back to graduate school for mechanical engineering. We're also doing it because we're having our wedding on a lake and want some really pleasant summer weather which is more predictable in August LOL. Also by then everyone will have some time before school starts, so family can get here for the wedding. Good luck to all the August brides.
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  • Me and my FI are waiting until we both graduate college. I don't graduate  grad school until jan 2012 and he wont be done nursing school until may 2012. I have always liked august so thats why we are waiting!
  • hi buffalo bride im in rochester!
  • nancy and KJDP, I'm getting married in southern jersey where my family is from!!
  • We have already started our planning and know the reception, colors, venue, etc. but we are just sitting ducks waiting until we can get everything in order. We are planning on Aug 11, 2012 <3 We both can't wait and i'm so happy as to have found him!

  • xojess017ox where is your venue? I'm located just outside Philadelphia (like 20 mintues) we're having our ceremony/reception at Brigalias in Sicklerville.
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  • KJDP I'm doing the reception at the Holiday Inn in the Swedesboro, Beckett area. That's weird though my family is located about 20 minutes away from philly. If you want to talk more you can send me a private message!! I would love to hear more details and meet other brides.
  • jcorvese! I hate odd numbers too! thats why its 2012 for FI and me too! We've actually picked the most perfect even number also, 08/10/12
  • August 2012 Bride here!
    We decided to wait so we could have the kind of wedding we both wanted so going to save some serious money!

    Already picked the colors & venue though and have started the quest list...Lol

  • Well my gosh look at all the august 4th and august 11th brides lol. Our date is set for August 24, 2012. 
  • We have our date set for August 26, 2012 it's our anniversary. So summer, sunday august wedding it is! Cannot wait! We have been engaged for a year already and I am ready to start the planning. We have our reception and ceremony site booked. everything else is up in the air! I feel like it's too early to do any major planning like my dress, invites, photographer, etc.
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    Hi everyone!! So i start off on my journey once again! We were orginally going to get married through the church August 2011(hence the nickname) but we got pregnant in August of 2010 & everything was put on hold! We are now proud parents of a almost 3 month old baby boy named Dylan & we are just overjoyed w/love! I do miss the other board: August 2011 brides, but I no longer belong there & i also met some great friends there which I hope I will do so here as well!

    My husband & I got married on my birthday- August 13th 2008, but we only did the nuptials! We are now ready to start our wedding planning! our wedding day will be August 11, 2011! So excited!! Smile 
  • August of 2012 here too!  Right now it seems like it will be on Sunday the 19th. :) 
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  • We picked August 4, 2012, because I graduate from pharmacy school in May of that year and then want to concentrate on taking the boards in June or July. That way I can fully enjoy my wedding day! Also, my fiance will have his master's degree by then. My sister leaves to play college soccer on August 6, and she is tied up every weekend until November. So 8-4-12 is really our only option!
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