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Where are the August brides?


Re: Where are the August brides?

  • I've been planing a Augest wedding also. Augest 8th. My dream was always to be married in augest cus 8 (infinity sign)and the 8th just gives an extra.

    Also i turn 18 in on July 14th so it will just be best. My Fiance just got a job so we need some time to save up. but for holidays and birthdays people have been giving us gifts and little things for the wedding. Im hoping that we get our champain glasses from someone that would be the best gift of all. Laughing
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    My fiance & I are planning an August 2012 wedding because we want time to save money, and I will be graduating nursing school in April 2012, so we want to wait until I'm finished.

    We haven't set a date yet (we found our venue, just have to put the deposit down) but I am hoping for Friday August 24th. :)

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  • 2012 because we won't be TOO old to start a family and we'll have a few properties beforehand to get us financially sound.

    818 because of the lucky #8 for Chinese tradition and it's on a Saturday.
  • I am getting married in August 2012 as well. And to think that I thought I was the only one that planned so far out. I am in college and I want to graduate before we walk down the isle. I have my dress picked out, and we are starting the guest list. Our colors are navy blue and white. We are also waithing for his online gaming site to take off and be a huge success. I do hope that we can all chat and get closer, give and recieve great advice and just be there for each other. Good luck to everyone.
    You know you are truly blessed when you find that one who completes you,makes you totally happy, and feels your pain from the other room. The one you feel lost without, the one that makes you laugh, the one that makes you cry. The one that makes you wonder how you can be so lucky. Congratulations to everyone who has found "the one."
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