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Getting young siblings involved???

my FH has a younger sister that I want to involve in the wedding but Im not sure how! She's too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a junior bridesmaid, She's not super shy but I cant see her getting up in front of everyone to read or anything. Any ideas???

Re: Getting young siblings involved???

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    Could she be a candle lighter? Usually that means lighting candles up the aisle, and the candelabra(s) at the front if you have them. I've seen that at several weddings the last few years.
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    how old is she?
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    Guest book attendant? She would be in charge of making sure everyone sign the guest book and if you have them, handing out the programs. And at the end i fyou hand out bubbles, rice, bird seed, etc.
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    I am having my younger cousins be "Bubble Princesses" (we are using Bubbles instead of Rice or Birdseed), they will hand out bubbles for people to blow on us when we leave the church!! 
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    She will be ten. I think a guestbook attendant would work. We are having a beach wedding so i dont think we will be doing any rice/birdseed. Her other two siblings are involved so I really wanted something for her. 
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