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Our tables can seat 8-10. We lost two more people. I am wondering is it terrible to have a couple tables of 8 a couple of 9 and two of 10? I am just worried about how much room there will be. Thoughts?

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    I think thats fine. If venue says they can seat 10, you can put 10 on the table :)
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    Mine are 810 I have two tables of 9. I'm sure it will be fine
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    That's perfectly fine.  The tables at our venue can seat up to 10.  I personally think it looks a bit crowded, so I seated 9 at each table.  However, this didn't work out perfectly, so we have two tables of 8, as well as 3 tables of 10.  The tables of 10 are ones with lots of kids, so I'm not worried about the space at those tables.  I'm not sure exactly how this works at your venue, but we need to give our venue a list of how many people are at each table so they can set up the chairs accordingly.
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    My tables seat eight, but since I have such a large space I put 6 or 7 at quite of few of them to keep family and friends together.
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    That's no problem!  Since I wanted certain people with others, I have a big mix of tables with 8, 9, and 10, and even one with 6.  However you think it will best work will be fine!
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    I have most with 8, a few with 7 and 2 with 9. I think it will all be fine.
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    We did a bunch of 9- you'll be fine.  I wouldn't worry about it at all-- it should work out very well space-wise.
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