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Pure Excitement

I just wanted to say how happy I am to have found this website and this board! :) I am super excited to be an August 2012 bride. We are waiting until then so we can prepare finacially and so I can finish up my schooling. As the months go on I hope to meet new people and recieve (as well as give) as many tips and ideas as possible. While we all have lots of time for our planning proccess I know it will be just a matter of time before 2012 swings around. So all in all, congratulations to all of the August 2012 brides and happy planning :)
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Re: Pure Excitement

  • Congrats on your engagement :)
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  • Ahleesha, Congrats to you as well!!! I am sure we will all get to know each other better as the time goes by! It really will be fun planning & giving each other tips & advice! I am also happy that we have 2 years to plan because that way we can enjoy the process all the more!!
  • And congratulations to you both (KJDP20 and SouthernBelle2011) as well. I agree I think 2 years makes for an enjoying planning process. We don't have the stresses of squeezing every detail into small time frames :) Although somedays I wish I could jump head first into planning I have to slow myself down and remind myself that I have plently of time and financially, it works out better in the long run :)
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  • Congrats :)  I also picked August 2012 because of school and we just got engaged August 14th. I am happy to share ideas with all of you.  Happy Planning
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  • My fiance' and I are also planning an August 2012 wedding, as I actually just got engaged last week. We both are finishing up school in May 2012, so we decided August would be a good time. I already want to start planning everything, but it's nice to know the time frame we have so that we can enjoy every minute of it!
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