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So we are having a dessert only reception following our 7:30 pm ceremony. I was wondering though, what other dessert options could we do besides the cake, of course, and a chocolate fountain. We thought about a sundae bar, but I'm afraid the ice cream would melt. Any other ideas?

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  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    You can search for "ice cream cart" and find some in your area, if you are worried about the ice cream melting. You don't say where your reception is, but you can always get dry ice and put it in a bucket or tin bigger than the ice cream container to keep it cold.

    If you have a Sam's Club or Costco membership, they have many desserts that are pretty inexpensive. You could get a couple of sheet cakes that feed 48 each, in different flavors for $15.99 (their cakes are awesome!), their pies run about $4.99, some higher, depending on the type of pie. They have cookies, frozen pastries, fresh fruit in large quantities for fairly low prices. You could also use some of that fruit for the chocolate fountain.

    In summary, I'd do 2-3 different cakes and/or pies, perhaps cookies, and a fresh fruit platter or layered fruit in a trifle bowl which would be pretty.

    Good luck.
  • sarabellamsarabellam member
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    Dessert shots of tiramisu, brownie with raspberry mousse, sponge cake with lemon chantilly cream, layered key lime pie, peach melba

    mini cannolis, strawberry napoleans, mocha eclairs, caramel profiteroles, baklava
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    We just had a dessert party at Christmas - the highlight for SURE were the individual Black Forest Triffles. Mini creme brulee would be awesome too.

    Remember to serve something slightly savory just to balance out all the sugar. A cheese platter with local cheeses (and a balance of flavours and textures) would be a great addition.
  • UDscoobychickUDscoobychick member
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    You could do a candy bar or a cookie bar...maybe samplers of mini bite-sized pies/tarts?
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    chocolate fountain :)  with pretzels, potato chips, apples, strawberries . . .ENDLESS possibilities. Yum!
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    petite fours? Pies? cookie bar?
  • alewpandaalewpanda member
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    I am doing a tea time desert reception as well.  We're planning for the wedding cake, water, punch, coffee , fruit with chocolate and/or whipped cream to dip them in, miniature cheesecake bites, brownies, cheese, pretzels, and possibly chocolates.

    Simple...but easy to organize, set up, and yummy!
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    Yum! These are all making me hungry lol. What about a cheese platter. Like the cheese and fruit plattters that have dessert balsamic vinegar drizzled on the cheese? People might appreciate something salty after all the sweet!
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    I love this idea! So much fun. Good Luck.
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