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If money were of no object...


Re: If money were of no object...

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    I would have lots of different stations.  A venue we've been looking at has a fajita station, and pasta station, salad station, a mashed potato station among others.  I would love to have lots of options.  Also it would be an open bar, top shelf with custom cocktails created just for us.  Oh I wish money wasn't an object... :-)
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    Probably upgrade the steak to filet minon and have a different side with the steak and chicken dishes.  We currently have to choose just one to serve with both in addition to the salad.  I'd do more passed horsdourves as well and have a cookie and milk snack since that is my fave! 
    I'd probably also have a more extravagant cake. :)
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    lobster and filet mignon with a full top-shelf open bar.
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    We are having a pretty good dinner already, but if money were no object, I would pretty much have every type of seafood under the sun, lamb, freshly made pastas, and a great dessert buffet with creme brulee, key lime pie, etc.  All of my favorites.  =)
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    I would fly all my guest to Turks and Cacios Island (where i grew up) and have my wedding at a really exclusive resort.
  • barnek3barnek3 member
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    We are already having a sit-down dinner, but we would have better options for the guests (like prime rib and lobster!) instead of chicken or fish.
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    I would probably be getting married in a location that looks like a castle, with a lavish dinner (probably prime rib) with a full open bar for the whole night. I think I would also not be afraid to spend an outrageous amount of money on my dress. I think I would still do simple decor but I would let little things bring that special touch.

    but of course, we are trying to cut as much expense from the budget as possible without it being a waste of time or money. Without making it seem like we should have just gone to the JoP to get married.
  • MrsSMJDMrsSMJD member
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    Haha, if the money wasn't a question I'd splurge on decorating the reception site. More flowers, more fabric (to create a tent-like look without having to trust the fickle English weather!), lots of paper lanterns, and a sit-down luncheon with all of our favourite foods. I'd also go for the cake baker whose work I've been lusting after since I started researching.
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  • Mandy34Mandy34 member
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    I would have a Sushi bar with a chef hand rolling anything people wanted! And id have a HUGE cake! and the grooms cake would be something of a masterpiece. I would also have a giant candy station w

    ith all u can imagine!
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    A seated 6 course dinner prepared by a top Red Seal Chef, all with fresh local, organic ingredients and delicious French chocolate desserts to finish off.
  • KJoy516KJoy516 member
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    I'm getting all the food one could ask for and top shelf open bar so if money were no object....
    Cake designed by Sylvia Weinstock
    Grooms cake by Ace of Cakes (in the shape of a firetruck)
    Individual favors of some elaborate chocolate plus something to keep forever
    Ridiculous amounts of exotic and out-of-season flowers
    Purple up lighting and cream draperies
    Custom lace table overlays with chocolate damask underlays 
    & A European country-hopping honeymoon
  • flowermummaflowermumma member
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    I would hire Bennihanna chefs to cook at every table.  Yumm  ;)
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    Wow, I can't believe how many of these posts are food oriented.  I couldn't tell you about the food at a single wedding I've been too.  The most memorable are the ones with great decor and where everyone danced all night.  So I'd put all my money into the decor, drinking, and dancing!  I also like the earlier post about pampering bridesmaids and family!

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    Well personally if money were no object I would already be married! HAHA
    But Iould say that I would probably not splurge on food but on the place and the dress because as it stands My FI And I have decided to get married and have the reception at his church. I would much rather have he wedding and reception at a lovely state garden here in FL I would totaly love to splurge and buy that maggie drss tha I've had my eye on since we got engaged but that is like I said if money was no object!!! Ah well it's been fun dreaming tho!
    And if I had to choice just food, then it would probably be a traditional Steak and bakedpotatoe southern dinner! So yep yep!  
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  • susanchen85susanchen85 member
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    I would have an around the world station with chefs cooking in front of people.

    Mexican - make your own taco bar, with freshly grilled steak
    Sushi and Udon - bring on the sushi chef!
    Chinese - logistically impossible, but I would love to have some fish tanks where tables could choose their own fish to be freshly killed and cooked. Yum!
    Pastries - French pastry chef on hand to create beautiful, edible goodies of the guests' choosing
  • elorgwheeelorgwhee member
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    We already have a very excellent sit down meal with 2 choices + a vegan option. I'd want to offer a 3rd, since some people don't eat red meat, some don't like fish, and I don't want people just defaulting to chicken because it's the only thing they would eat (so we could have beef, chicken, fish + vegan).  Maybe a nice soup or two to choose from too?

    A sushi bar would be lost on about 2/3 of the attendees, though the people who would take part in one would DEFINITELY appreciate it.

    The reception location provides an open bar with their own wine - but if we had the cash I'd prefer to stock up on our favorite wines instead.

    I'd love a cake buffet (death-by-chocolate, carrot, and cheesecake at a minimum), fruit cups, and ice cream bar.  Oh - and lattes instead of just coffee with/after dessert.  Though that might be going a bit too overboard ;)
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: If money were of no object...</a>:
    [QUOTE]I would have New England themed foods incorporated, like clam chowder shooters, a raw bar, etc.  I would have all the aps passed and then dinner I would probably to a seated meal of delicious but elegant comfort food--homemade mac and cheese with truffles and VT cheddar, a Yankee Pot Roast maybe, and Shepard's Pie or something fun. 
    Posted by shauni27[/QUOTE]

    You and I are on the same wave length :) That sounds amazing!

    Now if you asked my fiance, he would say beer, ribs and wings.
  • venessa84venessa84 member
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    We pretty much are having everything we could dream except the lobster.  It was just way too expensive. 
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    A Taco bar. Yes, I said it...a taco bar. :-D
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    We would fly my family and wedding party to Paris for a second reception with his side of the family.
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    I'd go all out with a formal sit down dinner, steak for everyone! Oh and I would go nuts on the appetizers as well, instead of fruit and cheese trays or plain cocktail shrimp
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    If money were no object, I'd have a full exquisite menu of various foods for my guests to choose from before the wedding and have it prepared for each of them and served to them at their seats.

    My guests get 2 meats, a pasta, some veggies, and fuit and cheese from a buffet.  Lol.  Budget brides ftw!
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    I'm happy with out food choices, we're having an italian buffet that includes a DELICIOUS viennese table along with chocolate i'd have to say that i would go for lavish decor....including lighting...maybe some fabric...lots and lots and LOTS of candles and beauttiful floral centerpieces...definietly a cake by cake boss though for my FH in the shape of his car he's had since high school...and i would have my favorite band play from beginning to end...Bon Jovi...oh and a HUGE fireworks display at the end...which our venue offers...but it's just not in the budget.
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    I would just keep my same stuff but upgrade it..upgraded flowers and more of them. add more desserts than just the wedding cake, get a more high end wedding dress...ohh and i really wanted a photo booth for the favors and the reception but it was too far out of my budget :o( but still excited because i think we're really stretching our budget far since we're still having a sit down dinner, open bar, and passed hor douves so i cant complain too much!
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    The only thing I would add would be a chocolate fountain with a great dark chocolate from someplace great on the planet.  I don't know where the world's best dark chocolate comes from, but I'd find out and would buy a LOT of it.

    I'm surprised nobody wants to go wild on their cake...
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    Luckily my man is a chef at one of our local haunts, so he is ordering all the food at cost and prepping it all the night before and having one of his buddies cook it at the onsite grill. That dosnt mean though that I have almost ANY say in what food we are getting haha. Its his thing so Im letting him have it, and he is getting me a few of my favorites.... but if I could dream....

    -Hand made Berry Tarts (we are trying for this one)
    -Vegetarian cheese and spinach Ravioli with creamy sauce
    -Carmelized Squash
    -Anything Indian esspecially lots of little galub jamun bites for everyone! oh and   plenty of malai kofta.

    well, at least im getting the cake I want :P
  • kjoeckenkjoecken member
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    I'm really proud of sticking to my budget.  We are having a carnival style reception with corndogs, funnel cake, cotton candy, chicken on a stick, candied apples, and nacho bar, and more!
    We will have human foosball, gladiator jousting, and Giant hamster ball races.  I feel like people rarely remember the food at a wedding.  Sometimes they remember great decorations.  But they always remember what they did, whether it's dancing, drinking, meeting new people or catching up with out of town family.  These are the things they talk about for years to come.
    I think we are going to have one of the most memorable receptions in my family, and we get it all for under $5k.  (Well, technically for free.  Thanks Mom and Dad!)
    I don't think I would change it, but I'm one of the frugal ones!
  • kimenkimen member
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    Pizza, sprecher, melon soda, cadbury chocolates, yup, thats all I'd add but I'm also planning to go out with friends for dinner afterward at my favorite restaurant.
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    LOL @ Wegman's comments.  As an unwilling Vermonter, I miss that store tremendously.  I visit my brother in Syracuse and ask to go grocery shopping just to go there!

    We would have catering by Queue de Chaval in Montreal.  Corn-fed USDA prime dry aged beef.  No vegetarians allowed, unless they want to eat a salad while watching the rest of us salavate on our Delmonicos!
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    Well #1 I wouldn't be making my wedding dress, if money were no object. FI would be in his family Kilt and Fly, the bagpipers would be playing, and it would be at the log pavilion. As for food... open bar, carving stations, dessert bar, candy bar, 5 tier cake, etc. As for the decor.... tulle, tulle, and more tulle, and lights everywhere.

    But that's ok. I like sewing, and I can make it mine.

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