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Hi ladies!
I'm thinking ordering a  small groom's cake for my future DH.  He really loved one flavor at  our tasting but when we polled it no one but him really liked it for a spring wedding... its pumpkin spice.  I've never been to a wedding with one, so im not sure where its brought in.  is it presented after the regular cake cutting?  Any advice on this would be appriciated.

thank you!
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Re: grooms cake

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    You can do it whenever you want. When I was in college in KY they always had them at the reception sitting out next to the wedding cake. I'm not a huge fan of that.

    I am surprising FI with a grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner and that will be our dessert. Like your FI, he liked a completely different flavor, so this way he can have his cake and eat it too lol.

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    I surprised my H with one at our reception.  We did the cake cutting and then the venue coordinator came out with the groom's cake (rice krispie treat cake decorated Redskins) and "presented" it to H.  They cut it and served it with the wedding cake. 

    I have heard a lot of people presenting it at the RD, though.
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    Both of his are going to be presented at the RD. I am having both done in four leaf shamrocks (had to get a vintage pan to get this as most are 3 leaves lol) and my friend is turning one into a baseball field and the other into a football field....bucs and rays
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    I've been debating this issue to.
    My initial feeling was rehearsal dinner, but I want to get him an awesome 3D cake in something he loves (Batman, Xbox, Beatles, etc); but I feel like it won't have the same wow effect in front of 20 people as it would in front of 100. At the same time, I don't want it to over shadow the wedding cake at the reception.

    But, his groom cake will be red velvet -- his favorite flavor. The wedding cake will have nothing chocolate related in it (I hate chocolate, and swear the flavor spreads to anything near it). So, the grooms cake would give another flavor available for the guests at the reception...

    Essentially, I'm not helping answer your question, because I can't figure it out myself!

    I like the idea of having it presented after the wedding cake is cut.  It makes it a focal point, and if it's a surprise for the groom, it could be a fun moment for him in a day in which, let's be honest, is very much about the bride.

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    DH had pumpkin spice for his grooms cake and it was a huge hit.  We had it at the wedding because if everyone was going to see the wedding cake, we thought they should also see the groom's cake.
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    They are usually out with the regular wedding cake, or served at the rehearsal dinner.  Choose what works best for you!
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    thanks for all the wonderful advice ladies!  I'm thinking to surprise him with it during the reception after our cake cutting.  Can't wait to see his "OMG I'm so excited!" face.
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    You can do it whenever you want. Ours is coming our right after the wedding cake. 

    My fiance has an obsession with Mangos and The University of Miami. So his cake is going to be a replica of of a UM jacket that he has and its going to be Mango and Champagne flavored. And he was the only one that liked that flavor but her really like it...   Have fun with it... I have seen some really unique ones. 

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    We will be putting the cake on its own table and then the grooms cake on our candy buffet table. So it will be displayed all night but it will not take anything away from our wedding cake. We will serve both! 
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