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Size of cake, and # of people to serve

I am planning on doing a grooms cake and a regular cake.  The grooms cake serves about 50.  If I am planning on having 200 guests, should I have my other cake serve 150?

Re: Size of cake, and # of people to serve

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    If you have 200 guests, I would have both cakes serve 200.  I was chastized as a child for wanting a piece of groom's cake at a wedding where I was a flower girl, since I was a guest of the bride.  Weird.  Make all options available to your guests, especially if your choices are really different.
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    IMO, that will not be enough.  Your wedding cake should serve all of the guests, and your groom's cake probably 1/2-2/3 (these numbers were suggested by all bakers we visited).  Many people (like me) will want a slice of both.  We are having 150 guests, so we are planning on 150 on the wedding cake and 100 on the groom's cake.   And I know my people... our groom's cake is chocolate, and my people love their chocolate.  I'm sure it will be gone. 
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    Thanks for the input!
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    You can also do a really pretty small cake- one that feeds 100 or less  and have same ingrediant sheet cakes in back sliced and plated- no one would ever know and you would be able to save some $$$!!
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    The groom's cake  does not have to feed the same number of people. Your wedding cake should definitely feed the number of guests that you are expecting. The groom's cake can safely be about half that amount. I've been decorating cakes for weddings for many years and that 2 to 1 ratio usually works pretty well. They should be proportional to each other. I once saw a huge wedding cake delivered to a reception site that had only a small birthday sized cake for the groom. It guess it was one of those bridzillas who thought it was just "Her" Day! I will not be skimping on either cake for my wedding.
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    What is this thing about the wedding cake being HER cake.  I assume the wedding cake is OUR cake and made to be able to serve all the guests invited.  However, we all love dessert and tastes can vary so having something non-traditional works by offering a groom's cake.  Does there really need to be two large cakes? 
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