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Food and Cakes

what to eat?

what is the best  food to eat
at the reception I'm at loss
with what to eat because lets
face it I'm going to be wearing white
and I'm not good with white lol Smile
input please and thank you

Re: what to eat?

  • Well that's a REALLY broad question. What's your budget? Do you want a plated meal or buffet? What time is the reception? Are you having a full meal based on the time? What kinds of food do you like? What foods does your caterer/venue offer?

    FWIW, I wouldn't base your food choice off your white dress. I always spill and managed not to spill at all on my dress. Put a napkin on your lap, eat slowly, and you should be fine. If there was any food to avoid, I would avoid dark sauces that easily splatter like marinara or red sauce.

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    Yes, you first have to decide if you want a bigger deal or a smaller setting. What time of day will decide if it's it's lunch or dinner. If you are on a budget, you will need to find something in the range. I am just going to have a cake and punch reception myself. I don't think I will have much trouble getting stuff on my dress. lol

  • All the above posters are trying to help you by getting additional info, that way our answers are pertinent to your situation. That always helps. And I agree, what you are wearing doesn't really matter. I always spill, but didn't on our wedding day. While I ate the food we paid for, the most important part was that my guests love it.

    We did our budget first. Then we decided on food that most of our guests would like. Chicken is always a safe option. From there we went with a menu of our favorite things (I'm a foodie and have made tons of foods I love, and have several favorites).

    You generally want a meat or two, a starch (potato or pasta, or both), veggie, salad, rolls & butter. You can add more if you have more money. Having pasta and sauce is a safe option if you are going to have kids, since most kids will eat it. If the pasta is meatless it is also an option for vegetarians.
  • were getting married around 5
    and reseption right after

    i don't have a budget on the food
    my fi is the head cook

    im not sure what they serve lol
    i usually get a chicken wrap,
    pasta and that's about all i
    get from there
    but they make other stuff like
    stuffed chicken, sea food
    steak and much more

  • Does your wedding have a theme? 
    Is all the food coming from the restaurant where he works?

    Do you have to take any special dietary needs into consideration (vegetarian, vegan, etc)?
  • the theme is just pretty much out door
    all the food will be from his job
    and the only special dietary need is no nuts
    my fi mom is alergic to nuts

    thanks so much everyone for your imput
    you guys are helping me out alot
    as my fi and i are the only ones planing this
    our families arent helping at all.
  • So, what kind of a restaurant is it?  BBQ?  Fine dining? 

    Since he'd head chef, will the two of you sit down and have a tasting of the different items on the menu?  Maybe it could be narrowed down to whatever the two of you pick out from the menu? 

    Do the two of you have any certain food you would lean towards - maybe more casual food like BBQ, some non-mayo based salads since it's outdoors? 

    Can you tell us more about the location?  Will the ceremony and reception be in the same place?

    How many people are you expecting and how long have you estimated the ceremony and reception to be?

    Glad we can be of some help :)
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