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adding meal options to our theknot website???????

Has anyone else had trouble adding meal options to their TheKnot website? Every time I try, it comes up saying 'don't use html or special characters', which is a bit odd as I'm only typing 'vegetarian' and 'meat'!

It's a bit frustrating because we're going to have to ask people to go back and re-RSVP so they can let us know what they want to eat.

I can't work out how to contact people at TheKnot so thought I'd ask the lovely people using the websites! Any tips would be really appreciated.

Re: adding meal options to our theknot website???????

  • edited December 2011
    I tried adding menu options and accept/declines yesterday and couldn't add anything.  Maybe it was a glitch on TK--I hear those are fairly frequent.
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  • patchoulikatepatchoulikate member
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    edited December 2011
    i'm trying to add my RSVP's on the Guest List Manager, and it says I have to put my menu options in the Settings page..... WHERE IS THAT??!
  • erinjon30erinjon30 member
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    edited December 2011
    Did you ever figure out the RSVP meal option?? I am having a hard time as well..
  • madalynnhmadalynnh member
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    Same thing here.  I can't add meal options either.
  • madalynnhmadalynnh member
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    edited December 2011
    Figured it out!  Go to "My Guest List."  Next to where it says "Wedding Guest list" click on "edit settings"  then scroll down and there is a place to add your meal options.
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  • I added the meals but whe I save it it goes back to zero
  • I am having issues with this as well.  I add my options and then hit save...and they disappear.  Thoughts?
  • This topic was originally posted nearly 3 YEARS ago, and it's STILL not fixed. No matter what I do, it won't save my options. I put them in, hit save, it tells me my page was successful, but as soon as I view it or go back to the editing page, they're all gone! I tried adding them in the Guest List settings page like madalynnh suggested, but it still doesn't work (though oddly, everything showed up 6 times from all my attempts to add it on the website page...)

    This is a little ridiculous... I wonder if anyone from The Knot ever looks at these boards...
  • @chica_zarca - bumping an old thread likely won't get you an answer. Try looking at the Tech Board.
  • AshleyNicole1218 -- Oh! I didn't even mean to! (I don't use forums too much, so I didn't even think about it getting bumped).

    I just happened to stumble upon this thread when I googled "theknot.com meal options" and thought that maybe someone else might find it the same way, so I was just making an update.

    Anyway, I wasn't actually expecting an answer or solution (my wedding is fast approaching and I'm just out of time). I was just surprised how long this glitch has been around without getting fixed yet. I'm sure there have been pleeeeenty of others who've brought it up in the right boards throughout the last 34 months, I was just venting a bit lol...
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