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Rice Krispy Cake

My FI and I are debating about whether or not to have a rice krispy cake as our wedding cake. Of course, it would decorated and nice looking - not just your regular ol' rice krispy treats thrown on a platter. We have both agreed that there are things we can avoid having to pay so much for, and I think the cake is one of them. He, however, deosn't like the idea. We have already decided to have a dessert bar, and I feel that a rice krispy cake would just be an extension of that. To pay for a wedding cake and a dessert bar is ridiculous to me, so in my opinion, it would one or the other. My original argument was that a rice krispy cake would be cheaper, but he doesn't think it would. 
I'm just looking for opinions and advice please! Rice cirspy cake, or no?!
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Re: Rice Krispy Cake

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    To be honest, if your FI does not want a rice krispy cake then you shouldn't have a rice krispy cake.  This is both of your wedding cake and you should both be happy with it.

    Also, the cost of cakes really comes down to how elaborately decorated it is as opposed to what it is made out of.  With that being said, one bride could have a three tiered buttercream frosted cake with no decorations while another bride has a three tiered elaborately decorated rice krispy cake...chances are the rice crispy cake will cost a lot more.

    If you really want rice krispies why not have small, chocolate dipped ones as part of the dessert bar and then have a simple two to three tiered cake (depending on how many guests you have) as your wedding cake.

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    The cake isn't what makes it expensive, it is the decorating.  You would do this on styrofoam and pay pretty much the same as you would with cake.  I don't like the idea because bakers use rice crispy treats as filler
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  • I plan on doing a fake cake with the top tier being real cake, then doing sheet cakes for the guests
  • If you're talking about decorating a large crispy cake in tiers like a wedding cake, then it MAY be cheaper, but it may not.  There are things to consider.  First, finding someone to do it.  Not sure about your neck of the woods, but around here I don't know of a grocery store, walmart, or cake shop that does Rice Krispie cakes.  So you'd probably have to find an individual that will do it, and pricing is all up to them.

    Rice Krispie may be more expensive when you figure in labor and supplies.  Does the baker have the right pans?  Do they have the tools to make RK treats in bulk?  Can you easily put what decorations you want on the cake? (Rice Krispie doesn't have a lot of "give" so attatching or inserting decoration is actually a lot harder in RK than cake).  Is the baker comfortable with RK and/or do they even like doing them?  Some bakers charge more just on principle of using unusual materials (or those that don't like doing cupcakes will do them, but at a higher per-person cost).  Also, RK as a material aren't much cheaper than cake, if at all.  Most bakers, even those that scratch bake, get a lot of stuff in bulk or at lower cost, whereas cereal and marshmellows are getting more expensive.

    Since you're doing a dessert bar, have you thought of getting sheet cakes, with maybe a 6" round for your "cutting" cake?  Sheet cakes are generally cheaper (Walmart and grocery stores in Omaha are under $1 per serving), you can get them torted/filled if you want them a little bit fancier, and depending on the decorator may end up looking better than tiers because sheets are easier to decorate.  You can also have RK squares (plain, chocolate dipped, or frosted/decorated) as part of the dessert bar, or they go well with a chocolate fountain.  A little bit for both of you.
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  • We are having a rice crispy treat cake for our wedding cake and a friend who decorates cakes is making it for us. We are doing it because I don't like cake...at all. The bottom layer will be plain rice crispies, middle will be chocolate and top will be peanut butter.  It cost $75, but is going to be decorated very simply. Similar to this pic but without the berries.
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  • I freaking LOVE rice krispie treats. I'd be all over this as a guest.  Go for it!
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    FWIW, as a vegetarian, I can't eat rice krispie treats (because of the marshmallow), unless you use fake ingredients (like fluffernutter). I realize that celiacs and vegans can't eat "regular" cake, either, but it might be something to keep in mind. (No one ever remembers than gelatin is a meat product and that marshmallows have gelatin.)

    So if you go with that, I'd have the regular dessert bar, too.
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  • Cocolate dipped rice Krispy treats for our dessert barwow! Wait till my FI hears that! He'll be all over it!!!
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