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Does this seem like enough food for 120 people?

Hi everyone,

We're getting our food from a restaurant and hiring servers to man a buffet.  The restaurant said that this would be enough to feed 120 people.  Each tray serves 30-40 if that's all they're eating.  Please tell me what you think! Surprised

2 banquet trays each of:
Falafel (main dish)
Baked Kefta Kabob (main dish)
Chicken Shawerma (main dish)
Hummus (side)
Jerusalem Salad (side)
Tabuli (side)
Rice (side)

1 tray
Baba Ganuj
120 full pitas (240 after they've been cut in half)

We also might do simple appetizers (cheese in crackers and fruit) during the cocktail hour.

Thank you!!

Re: Does this seem like enough food for 120 people?

  • Definitely not enough pita, people will use it to dip a will take more than 1 full pita each. When I get takeout they give 2 full pieces of pita per person with each entree. Since the place lowballed that I'd think about upping everything else a bit. 
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  • rlavachrlavach member
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    In my opinion, definitely not. I'd up each item by 1 tray. Saying 30-40ppl if that's all they're eating doesn't make sense. It's 30-40 portions per tray. People will still take their portion. Most will want to try everything, so they may take a little less, but not that much less. If it was a regular dinner, then yes. But people eat more at weddings because it's a celebration & they're dancing/drinking. I'd get 3 trays of everything and double the pita. 
  • PeavyPeavy member
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    I think that the restaurant does this all the time and probably knows what they're doing.  If you want to check standard serving sizes, go to www.ellenskitchen.com
  • I agree that the restaurant probably knows what they're doing.  That said, I'd increase the portions of the more "crowd pleasing" items (add another tray of hummus, more pita, more chicken).  You're probably good with what you've ordered for the other selections. 

    Btw, awesome menu, OP. I love all those things.
  • I'd up at least the chicken, rice and pita since they are more familiar items and because the rice will go with any of the main dishes and pita goes with everything.  LOVE your menu, though! 
  • Thank you all so much for the advice!  We've decided to up the order to include a few more trays.  2 of each definitely seems like it will be skimpy!  And I'm glad the menu sounds good too!  We're not Middle Eastern and some of our family members won't be familliar with the food, but I think the spices are pretty mellow and the food is accessible, so they'll love it! 

    Thanks again!!
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