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Ice Luge... what kind of drinks?

We're going to have martini glass shaped ice luge at the bar and were going to do a signature drink to go with it.  Our caterer warned that anything too sugary will freeze in it so we need to make sure we have something with a high alcohol content.  I usually like fruity mix drinks, can anyone recommend a drink that would work well in an ice luge that doesn't take like pure alcohol?


Re: Ice Luge... what kind of drinks?

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    Well since they it is a martini shaped ice luge I would probably go with a martini type drink since they are mainly alcohol.  Since you are more on the sweet side with your drinks you can google sweet martini recipes and a lot will pop up

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    Whens ur wedding? Whats ur theme? I love chocolate martinis :
  • I agree it should be a martini.

    How about a lemon drop martini.  Since it has a lot of citrus flavor, it doesn't taste super strong, but it also doesn't have a lot of sugar.  Here's the recipe:

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  • Maybe do a blue martini and call it something blue.
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