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Signature Drink Ideas using Bailey's

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a signature drink that has Bailey's in it? The fiance's last name is Bailey and thought it would be cute.


Re: Signature Drink Ideas using Bailey's

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    My all-time favorite mixed drink is a Nuts & Berries: equal parts Chambord, Bailey's, Franjelico, & cream served over ice. Yummy!
  • blush64blush64 member
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    The only things I make with baileys are -- hot chocolate with baileys, milk with ice and baileys or baileys on ice. I'm not sure those would make great signature drinks though.
  • sassybananasassybanana member
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    Irish Car Bombs
    -1/2 baileys 1/2 jameseon/bushmills
    drop it in to a half glass of porter

    Irish Coffee
    1/2 baileys 1/2 jameson
    cup of coffee
    you can use different flavors in place of jameson such as kahlua (coffee), frangelico (hazelnut), chambord (raspberry), chocolate liquor...

    Bailey's is technicallyirish whiskey and cream, so stay away from curdling with acids
    (honorary 21st birthday shooter--baileys and lime aka cement mixer or womans revenge, why, because it tastes like your mouth is the cement mixer or a big shot of you know what in your mouth)

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    I love Bailey's, Kalhua & Godiva Chocolate Liquor over ice. Tastes like chocolate milk.
  • mgietler76mgietler76 member
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    I love Bailey's over ice, why not choose a few drinks and have a Bailey's Menu where your guests can choose their own?

    Please don't do the Irish car bombs, something about chugging a whole beer with a shot in it doesn't seem very classy to me.
  • dannette926dannette926 member
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    My fiancee really likes the idea of Irish Car Bombs for the guys. However, it is a big shot, but it does taste like chocolate milk. Personally, though, I don't think of it as a reception drink. I like Buttery Nipples. It is a mix of Bailey's and butterscotch liqueur. It is a really sweet drink.
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    Buttery Nipples are my absolute favorite! It's equal parts Baileys & butterscotch schnapps. In my opinion it tastes best served chilled. It's yummy!

    ETA: Oops. I just saw that the poster above me mentioned them.
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    I agree with pp, Nuts and Berries are delicious, we do these as a shot!Cool
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    I work at a restaurant and one of our special drinks is called the cottage milkshake...its vanilla ice cream blended with baileys, butterscotch schnapps, and creme de coco (shot of each) very yummy!
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