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Square Cake versus Round Cake- Price Difference?

I was once told that square cakes are more expensive than round cakes. Is that true? I know fondant is more expensive than buttercream but definately does not taste as good!


Re: Square Cake versus Round Cake- Price Difference?

  • pavingtheroadpavingtheroad member
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    I dont believe the shape of the cake makes a difference. The size would make a difference in the cost
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  • lilyfish050lilyfish050 member
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    One bakery I looked at was more expensive for a square cake, but you'll have to check around I guess. I think square cakes are adorable. Good luck!
  • sarahmarietmsarahmarietm member
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    It shouldn't make a difference.  Just call around when you start to look at bakeries to see what they up-charge on. :)
  • bridalgal50bridalgal50 member
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    The price is probably higher for the square cake because a square cake has more servings than a round cake of the same size.  Therefore, if a baker is pricing each tier at a per serving cost, it makes sense that the square is higher priced.
  • tamirenee15tamirenee15 member
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    I had heard that square cakes cost more because they are more difficult to make, but I have looked at a lot of cake places and none of them charge more for a square cake.
  • UDscoobychickUDscoobychick member
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    I think there shouldn't be much of a difference between square and, I have heard that the REALLY unusual shapes (hexagons, octagons, etc.) that bakers don't generally have pans on hand to make ARE more expensive.
  • mica178mica178 member
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    I sent to one bakery that charged 20% more for square cakes because to get the crisp corners, they had to bake a larger cake and trim down to size.  I still thought that was ridiculous.
  • tldhtldh member
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    If you are using fondant, they typically charge more because it's more difficult to get the fondant smooth on a square than a round.  I don't see why a buttercream frosting would be more.
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    It so shouldn't cost more. That's ridiculous.
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    Square cakes cost more b/c it is more difficult to cover them in fondant.

    Wouldn't think there is an issue if you want buttercream.
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    We are doing a square cake and wasn't told it was more then a round cake. ( but then again we aren't paying for it... it's provided by the venue.. well we are but aren't since the venue says it complementary)
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    Square cakes cost more ONLY BECAUSE they provide more servings for the same size cake when compared to a round cake.  This is because a square cake has more squre inches than a round cake.

    The below link shows this.  For example, an 8" round serves 24 people - an 8" squre serves 32 people.  Since cakes are priced per serving, the square cake will coste more.
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