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How do you preserve/freeze the top later of the cake?

Our cake baker is going to give us a box for the venue to place our top layer in, but beyond that it's up to us to store it properly. Is there any special way to store and freeze teh cake? I don't want it to get freezer burned.

Re: How do you preserve/freeze the top later of the cake?

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    I heard that you should wrap it in foil, then wrap it in plastic wrap, them foil it again.

    I also heard an idea of cutting it into 12 pieces and eat one piece on every "monthiversary".  This way you can enjoy the cake all year long (and honestly, you won't want to eat the entire top tier in one sitting!).  If you go this route, you should separate each piece so it's easier to remove.
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    I've always heard to make sure it is wrapped tightly.  Also, if your cake is made with fondant, know that fondant sweats when it is chilled/thawed, and it will likely not be pretty afterwards.  It should still taste fine though.
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    I make wedding cakes for a profession, you need to wrap your top tier in two layers of plastic wrap; then a layer of foil, and then place it back into the box that your baker is providing.  The key is to wrap it tightly - air is your enemy here!  Have a great wedding!
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    Jagore, I really like that idea of one piece a month for a year.  I've never heard of that before.

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  • luckyme502luckyme502 member
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    I know this is a tradition, but I just could not eat a cake that had been in the freezer for 12 months.  It just grosses me out to think of it.  Our baker makes a small cake for free for your one year anniversary!
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    Make sure to remove the cardboard!!! otherwise it will taste like cardboard.  5 layers saran then 5 layers foil.  Should be relatively fresh after the year.
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    We ate ours for Valentine's  Day (I couldn't wait).  Our instructions were in there and it said wrap in plastic, then foil, then put in airtight container like the PP said (ours was in a cake box and the box was also wrapped in foil).  It had cardboard under it but didn't taste like cardboard.  It tasted great. 
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    I know it's traditions but ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!! maybe i get grossed out because my parents had theirs in our freezer for YEARS! 
    But you might be able to work out a deal from your baker to make a new cake for your one year anniversary in the same flavor/style and it'll be really fresh!
  • ExpatPumpkinExpatPumpkin member
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    The idea grosses me out too :(  So we served our top layer at a dinner party with friends the night after the wedding.  Granted, it was a DW so getting it home frozen would have been an ordeal...  But there was no way we'd have eaten it a year later.
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    Yeah, I'm also in the "get a six inch cake in the same flavor for your anniversary" camp.
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