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Not your traditional cake presentation...

I've always said I wanted cupcakes, yet my fiancee (who doesn't care for sweets at all!) wants a cake for photos. We are planning on getting a smaller cake with cupcake tiers/platters/trees on both sides of the cake. 

Anyone have any photos of this same idea? Recommendations? 
Our colors are teal and charcoal. Thanks for your help!

Re: Not your traditional cake presentation...

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    I went to a wedding last year where they used cupcakes instead of a cake, and they had their baker make a giant cupcake to use as their cutting cake.  It looked really nice.  Here are some pics.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the idea.
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    We are doing cupcakes/small cake as well, and wanted to have the option of being able to walk around and distribute the cupcakes to our guests at the end of supper, which gives us the chance to thank everyone for coming.  

    A lady at the decor rental place strongly recommended not going with the cupcake trees, she mentioned that quite often the people want the particular "lots of icing!" cupcake that happens to be in the middle, and when they reach for it they mess up the other cupcakes in front.  She showed me this photo: 

    You could use plates, trays, whatever you wanted (she used mirror trays) and then there is a small cake stand at the top for your cake.  
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    One of my friends did this for her wedding this past summer. They had a more outdoors-y, nature-type theme, so the presentation is a bit more rustic. Their cutting cake is on top. 

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