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Semi Open Bar?

We are thinking of having house wine and beer for the night but the rest of the drinks will be on a cash bar basis.  How do we inform guests?  Do we do it on the wedding website and how do we word it? 

Re: Semi Open Bar?

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    You'll get a massive variety of responses to this question. Personally, however, I'm of the opinion that you should host what you can afford (even if that's just beer and wine) and leave it at that. People will drink what you offer.
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    There is no reason to put the bar information on your wedding invites or website.  People will figure out what is open when they get there.  I suppose if anyone asks, you can tell them.

    In my area, generally the only thing that is hosted is beer so that's what I usually expect.  What is the norm in your area?  I'm not saying making your guests pay for their drinks is OK, but just wondering what your guests will expect.

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    You could put a sign up at the bar saying that you're hosting house wine and beer.  Don't put it on your invitations, but I'm not sure if that's something that would go on your website or not.
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    We're doing a "host bar" that includes house wine, domestic beer, and a signature drink...anything else will be cash bar.
    We're having a sign located at the bar for our guests to know during the cocktail hour and reception what the "host bar" includes.  We also have our drink options listed at the bottom of the menu cards.
  • AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    I would put a small sign at the bar (if permitted), and if not, then at the entrance to the reception, have a chalkboard presenting the host menu including the drinks. 

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    I agree, it's always nice when there's a sign at the bar that says what's hosted and what isn't (and times!)...  Also consider hosting something that's NA so if you've got kids or guests who do not consume alcohol that they have an option besides water.  Not saying you HAVE to, but it's always odd when you go up to the bar only to find you can get a $6 glass of wine for free, but you have to pay for the $3 glass of diet coke KWIM.. 
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    I live in the Midwest and I think most of the time there is a house beer or so many kegs that the couple purchases and when it is gone the have to pay.
    Most people should know to bring money for drinks, but if you know certain people who expect everything to be paid for than maybe a discrete note on your website could be used.
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    Our venue has a sign that the bartender made, indicating what is hosted and what is cash. I think its horribly tacky looking, but appreciate the thought behind it and will be making my own sign to match my decor. We too will be hosting beer (2 kinds) wine (3 kinds) and a signature cocktail, along with soda, water, iced tea, juices, etc.
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