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FH and I will most likely go with a ceremonial cake and a sheet cake in the back to save on costs.

With that in mind, how big should the ceremonial cake be?  Should the anniversary layer be on there?  The guest list has not been finalized, so we are looking between 50-75 people TOTAL.

Re: Cake Question

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    I would say you could do 2 layers for the main cake, saving the top layer for the anniversary tradition.  If you truly want to save costs, you shouldn't plan a very big ceremonial cake imo.  HTH
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    You can have a 10" round and your anniversary can be a 6 inch placed on top.  A 10 inch typically feeds 38 (wedding size serving).  You can even go as far as putting a 12 or 14 inch fake layer under your 10".  Then you can get a half sheet or even a quarter sheet cake to feed the rest of your guest.

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    do a simple 6" and 8"  cake, simple and beautiful! As a decorator I think 10" and 6" on top looks goofy, too much space inbetween them, but thats just my opinon. 1 full sheet cake for the back will be more than enough for your entire wedding, and depending on where you get that can be cheap or pricey!
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