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We're serving two desserts at our reception--wedding cake and chocolate fudge brownies. We have 175 guests, but it isn't necessary to have enough servings of each dessert for every single guest, right? I'm assuming people aren't going to eat both (and I've been to plenty of weddings where some guests didn't eat dessert at all.) 

I'm thinking roughly 100 servings of each dessert might be sufficient, but am I wrong? Should I err on the side of caution and order more?

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  • I would do more than 100 each.. Even if some dont eat it there SO might take their "share" (I remember doing that at one of our friends wedding because I just had a baby and wasnt drinking so I ate his desserts because I figured if I couldnt drink then I was going to eat lol). I would add more if you could to be on the safe side.
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    I would have a slice of cake and a brownie for every single guest.

    You are right that some people might not eat their piece but that doesn't mean that another person won't eat two slices of cake and three brownies.

    I would ask your venue if they have to-go boxes or buy some yourself so that you have them on hand if your guests would rather take their dessert home then eat it there.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I am still not sure if it's necessary to have exactly 175 servings of cake and 175 servings of brownies, though--I've never been to a wedding where every piece of wedding cake was eaten. Maybe I could up the count to 125-150 servings of each dessert? I feel like doing 175 of each will cause a lot of food to go to waste. I do like the idea of having little boxes for people to take their dessert home, though.
  • How will you serve the cake?  Will people come up and take a piece, or will it be put at each place setting?  If it'll be put at the tables, you absolutely need one piece per person.  Even if people will serve themselves, I would absolutely have at least enough for each guest to take one of each.  You may end up with extra, but that's the nature of hosting an event, and it's better that than running out.  

    You could have to-go boxes, but then you might need more than one per guest unless you put the boxes out later.  If I were at your wedding, I might sample both the cake and the brownie, and then if one was amazing, I would take one home for the next day.

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