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Cannolis instead of cake? or in addition to?

Hey ladies-- I saw this picture of a cannoli tower + cake and I absolutely loved it. My fiance's mom's side is super italian (plus who doesn't love a good cannoli). We are getting married in April and haven't yet decided on a baker or not, but part of me thinks maybe we should just serve cannolis like people do cupcakes?

Thoughts? If I could save a few hundred by not buying a cake, that would be great, but technically I have budget to cover both. I just don't want my guests to go dessert-hungry!!

Here is a pic for what I was originally thinking:

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Re: Cannolis instead of cake? or in addition to?

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    I love cannoli's, so I would be in heaven if you served me one. You aren't going to be able to please everyone so do what makes you and your FI happy and just go with it.
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  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I love it!!

    I'd probably serve cake as well.

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  • nboraizanboraiza member
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    I looked at the same baker and saw that photo and fell in love!  I think it's a great idea but my fiance vetoed it...  :)
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  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I love the idea! But just make sure all your guests love Cannolis. If so go for it! You could have it just like it's pictured with a cake on top for cutting. Then have a couple sheet cakes in the back to give people the option of cake. Sheet cakes are cheaper because there is no decoration needed. It will stay and get cut in the kitchen. Which means it doesn't need to be pretty, which is the most expensive part of wedding cakes. HTH!
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    I love this!!!! I think that actually looks so much better than the cupcake towers. Not everyone likes cannoli, so you may want to have another option (maybe cupcakes would be a good idea there?) but otherwise, it's your wedding. If you and FI love it, and it'll make FMIL happy, go for it!
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    I was at a wedding that served cake to the bridal party and immediate family and cannolis to everyone else.  I think the only reason there was a cake at all was for husband is Italian and not big on cake so he was thrilled about it.  I love cake and am not big on cannolis so I did not like it.  I didn't eat mine.  I wanted cake.
    You won't make everyone happy (this is also true for every part of the wedding and life) so do what you and your fiance want.
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    Great idea. 

    As long as you serve something sweet for dessert most of your guests will be happy. 

    I do often find it strange when people have cake for some and not for others.  It would be like you and your husband eating lobster while everyone else had steak.  Weird. 
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    Fabulous! Go for it!
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  • annmarie714annmarie714 member
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    I think the option for both is ideal, but just having cannolis is perfectly fine too.

    Do I like cannolis? No.
    Would I be upset if I went to your wedding & there was only cannolis? No.

    It's different, fun, part of FI's heritage--GO for it! :)
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  • kmmssgkmmssg mod
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    DD married into an Italian family - cannoli, good pasta, and good wine were musts for the reception.  She had a dessert buffet with cheesecakes, cannoli, small wedding cake, and other cakes.  the cannoli went over well with some but we did have an awful lot left over. 
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    FI's family is Italian and we opted not to do the cannolis because we can't find any that are good that aren't ridiculously priced.  They are used to real, homemade cannolis, and the ones from bakeries are not that great when you compare them to "real" cannolis.  We usually go to one place to get them if we want them, but we didn't want to add another $4 per person, especially since our reception is dessert heavy anyway (dessert table, icecream station and a chocolate fountain all for the same cost as a wedding cake!)

    I'd say try the cannolis first to make sure they're good before deciding.
  • colourzcolourz member
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    It looks adorable! I say go for the cannoli's. I am a cake lover, but I can always have cake. This will be special for your wedding. I'd enjoy it. Everyone will remember you had something original for your wedding.
  • iloveu4everiloveu4ever member
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    Different but cool. I like it

  • Dana RoseDana Rose member
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    I just went to a bridal shower and they actually had a cannoli cake. It was a pretty cake that had the cannoli filling in place of frosting. It was AMAZING! Is that an option?
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  • proutywendyproutywendy member
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    I am looking for the recipe, we lost a lot in the move. and I can't find it no where. The cannoli stuffing was maid with cornstarch and milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon. vanilla. It was made on top of the stove with a double boiler.  It was cooled and white choc was shaved and mixed in, 
    help if you can
  • I plan on having the traditional wedding cake but serving cannolis instead of a Groom's cake.
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