Chik fil A = reception food?

I am on a low budget and feeling almost helpless for food because there are few caterers around here willing to work with our small budget of $1800 for 100-150 guests. I am thinking about just ordering catering from chik fil a. It's good food, and I know tons of people will enjoy it, but I just don't know if people are going to look down on me. What do you think? Is it tacky? I am running out of ideas, here, and I'm getting very discouraged. :(

Re: Chik fil A = reception food?

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    I would think a barbeque caterer would be much more fun and have a little more variety. Have you looked into the bbq joints?
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    I agree. I think bbq would be better than Chick-fil-a. 

    A really easy DIY idea is pasta dishes. You could get the buffet servers from Walmart, and do a couple different kinds of pasta like a ziti, alfredo, and mac & cheese. Then have a salad and bread option.
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    My fiance would LOVE chick-fil-a.  I have to admit that I had no idea that they catered.

    I guess I would have to say that it depends on how formal or casual your wedding is.  If it's a backyard or casual wedding, then I think it would be fine. 

    However, I think a BBQ joint might be better, or even any restaurant local to you (a lot of itialian places cater, mexican places, etc).  Where are you? 

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    I would look into having Farm Fresh or a grocery store.  You can get a bit more variety and still have really yummy chicken tenders!
    Plus, I think they also make more attractive serving platters and can provide staff.
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    While Chik Fil A is oh-so-yummy, I dont think it would be a good reception food.  Like PPs have said, I'd look into some of your local BBQ joints, or even local restraunts that offer catering.  You can get a great deal on really simple things, and even make some of your own dishes.  No one will ever know!

    Where exactly are you?  It would help us a little if you offered up a city or something.
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    are there any catering halls in your area?  There were a few in my hometown that could do meals (not a whole lot of variety but like a buffet with 1 meat, 2 sides, salad, and a roll, tea and lemonade) for like 12 a person. I think Chick Fil A could be fine, but you also might try looking at bbq places.  
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  • kimtrick1kimtrick1 member
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    I'm actually ordering Chik-Fil-A for my reception, so my vote is YES. Go for it. It's your wedding. I want to be married outside in a casual ceremony, and I have a super small budget. I'm excited to cater Chik-Fil-A, I'm not going to lie. :)
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    I do love me some Chik-Fil-A.  I guess I could see it if it was dressed up nicely and you were doing something super casual but it is limited on options .  I agree with the PP though.  Maybe Red Hot, and Blue would give more variety or the pasta idea would work.  What city are you in?

  • brigitparkbrigitpark member
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    I love love love Chik-fil-A.  who cares what other people think! its your wedding and you can do whatever they want.  If you want BBQ famous daves cater too! Good Luck!
  • OK GIRL! Do what you and your fiance want! Do give a crap what people say on here or in person! It's yalls day if you want chickfila or five guys. Have it!!! The people who come to your wedding should be coming for you and to celebrate with you not judge what food you have. It's about how you feel on ur wedding day!!! Heck for my wedding im just thinking about having a dessert bar, my cake and appetizers because that's my budget. But now that i'm thinking about it chickfila sounds good too lol Have a great day!!!
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    I know this is a really late posting, don't know if you are married yet, but you should try Boston Market.  They will give you a variety and when they set up the buffet it looks amazing and expensive... but isn't!  They have a ton of packages and you will get the elegance you want.  Also... if chick-fil-a works for you then I say do it!! :)  What matters is that you are married and your guests are fed. :)
  • My FH and I are having Moe's Southwest grill cater ours because it is one of our absolute favorite places to eat ever..... ranges from 9-11 dollars a person....and I don't have to do a separate vegetarian option!
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