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PIB, Kalahari, or Lyman Harbor

Has anyone had their receptions at any of these places, if so reviews, photos?!?

Re: PIB, Kalahari, or Lyman Harbor

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    I went to a reception at Kalahari and had a BLAST! As a guest it was a great experience. We came in on Friday and spent the day at the water park and had so much fun. There is a lot of stuff to do there - a couple restaurants and places to get food, bars, etc.
    The reception on Saturday evening was also very nice - it was in one of the big rooms in the convention center - very nicely decorated, food was great, drinks were great. It was also nice because afterwards a bunch of us went to the bar in the resort for drinks, and then to a hospitality suite the resort had given the B&G for more drinks and celebration. I'd definitely recommend it. Only thing you might want to look out for - if you have it at a time during the year when CP will be packed... on our way to the church from Kalahari we got stuck in major CP traffic... so I'd just make a watchout to your guests to leave ample time depending on where the church/ceremony is.

    I'll have to look and see if I have any pictures (computer crashed recently and I lost a lot of stuff :(
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    I have been to a reception at the Kalahari. It was really nice but I think it was a little bit too open. I think they had around 400 guest also!!
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