Gown Gallop?

Any of you ladies heard of this? My BM called me to tell me that she heard on Fox news that some reception hall in Temperance is having this Gown Gallop, where they'll be selling off thousand dollar wedding gowns for super duper cheap.If you have any info...please let me know!
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Re: Gown Gallop?

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    Bummer that this wasn't announced earlier... Here is an article about the Gallop of the Brides...http://www.toledoonthemove.com/news/story.aspx?id=360955
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    Did anyone else go to this???I was so super excited to go, but man was I disappointed!  My mom and I got there early expecting it to be like what they showed on tv.  It was nothing like that at all!  First of all, we had to park in a really crappy, mud pit of a parking lot.  We waited in line, etc.  When we got in there were 15 vendors.  Yes, I counted!  They said there would be 30 in their commercials.  That was most definitely disappointing.  And then they said thousands of dresses.  There was a small room off to the side that had dresses, but the racks were so close together that it was virtually impossible to walk through let alone actually shop.  Luckily, there were not that many people there!Needless to say, it was a waste of my $3 and the dress hunt continues!Does anyone know of any other "real" dress sales coming up?  I am more than willing to do a little weekend travelling to get my dress.Sorry to vent, I was just very disappointed because I had high expectations of walking out with my dress!Jessica
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    Keep an eye out for Filenes basements running of the brides. (The real thing). I went to ones in Cleveland and Columbus last year, I think Cleveland was in October and Columbus was in January? They really do have tons of dresses for I think $299 OR $349? And a few for $499 or something. I didn't find my dress there, but I tried on at least ten each time, and I wear a size 24. I saw ladies with piles and piles of dresses. And you don't have to go in the early morning either - I went around 2 or so, they still had tons. Good Luck!
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