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Nazareth Hall?

I've been to a couple events at Nazareth Hall and love it's look.  Is there anyone who's had their wedding/reception there who can give me feedback about price, service, experience? 


Re: Nazareth Hall?

  • I have been to a wedding their last fall and the food was the best I have ever had at a wedding
  • I had my wedding there last summer. I would send you a PM, but I'm on my phone and can't PM on my phone and I hardly ever check TK from a regular computer. Can you give me your email address? There are some good and bad things I had happen with NH. I would probably give them a B overall, but I would love to give you more details if you would like :
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  • I've been to a wedding/reception there and it was beautiful and very professionally coordinated. However I feel like the space for the reception was rather small.
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    I'm having my wedding there next year.  So far they've been really helpful, but seem hesitant when I asked about possibly putting little things like the guest book in a different place.  I'm still far out though, so hopefully they'll be willing to make my little changes (I'm already going bridezilla a bit, lol)
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