Venues that will allows us to bring in our own catering?

My FI and I are looking for a venue in the Toledo area that will allow us to bring in our own caterer and alcohol. My parents have a restaurant and catering business so we plan on saving money that way. So far,  I have heard of the Franciscan Center but there may be date conflicts with us and that venue.

Any ideas? We would like to get married next Fall (2011).

Re: Venues that will allows us to bring in our own catering?

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    I am using the Wildwood Ward Pavillon at Wildwood Metropark. I dont know how many people your planning -- its a smaller venue only about 125-150 ppl. I like it tho bc it forced me to cut down the guest list.
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    How many people are you inviting?  That would help us make suggestions.  The Monclova Community Center has a nice room/kitchen that you could look into.  This is a little bigger than the Ward Pavilion.  I think this place could comfortably seat about 150.
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    The Stranahan
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    I'm pretty sure that the Stranahan will allow you to bring in outside catering but not outside alcohol. 

    I believe that both the Franciscan Center and the Sullivan Center (at Gesu) allow outside caterers, but only from approved lists.  I do believe that the Franciscan requires in-house alcohol, but I think the Sullivan allows outside.  Sullivan does require that you carry liability insurance and charges a 10% surcharge IIRC.

    In addition to the others already mentioned, you may want to try looking into St. Clement's, Nederhouser Hall at Olander Park, Space 237, or the Valentine Theater.
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    Thank you for all the suggestions. We will probably be having 200-225 guests, so that will eliminate some venues. I will be checking into all your suggestions.

    Thanks again! :)
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    Conn-Weissenberger on Alexis and the Knights hall on Secor.
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    St. George in Rossford can accomodate up to 250 people!    I just went to a wedding there in June and it was gorgeous!
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    conn-weissenberger is big enough but they do not allow your own food or alcohol (i am a member there)
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