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QOTD 7/30

Financially speaking, are your families helping with your wedding?
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Re: QOTD 7/30

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    Our parents each gave what they felt comfortable giving. It worked out that his parents, my parents, and the two of us, each contributed about 1/3.

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    Nothing.....  my family cannot afford to.  His family could, but we'd rather do it ourselves.  We are in our 30's, have our own place - we just feel more right about it this way.  Plus, this way, everything is our decision!
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    Both families are contributing.  They're covering all the big things (reception, photog, florist, cake) and we will cover all of the little things (attire, invitations.)
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  • MerinMerin member
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    Both sets of parents covered basically every 'traditional' expense --  my parents covered vendors, dress, reception, etc. and his parents covered rehearsal dinner and alcohol.

    There were only a few small things that we paid for. We were very lucky. :)
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    My parents paid for the hall rental and the first deposit on the caterer, which was $2500.  They only did this because I was in tears over the guestlist.  My mom kept adding people I've never met to the list, and when I outlined the cost per person after caterer,cake, etc, they gave me this money so I would shut up about the guestlist.  And my mom bought 1 box of invitations for me since the store in Colorado ran out and the store in Toledo had tons.  Other than that, I'm picking up the rest of the bill.  FI's family isn't contributing in any way shape or form. FI's not even sure that they are going to show up tbh.

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  • Sugarsweets04Sugarsweets04 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm with Merin, the families have been very "traditional" about who pays for what. I am so very thankful for it because FI and I have had to pay for very little like some of the deposits and of course the gifts for the wedding party and little extras we want. But I have been trying to cut costs by doing stuff myself like my invitations and favors. We've very luck though and thank our parents all of time.
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    My sister volunteered to pay for the wedding.  She knows my parents can't afford it and neither can we.  She and her husband are very fortunate financially and have been very generous.  This has caused lots of tension because she thinks she gets to choose things (centerpieces, my jewelry, etc).  As of right now we expect to be about $2000 under her budget so she's not controlling to try to save money.  Sorry about my vent!
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  • edited December 2011
    My parents are paying for a big part of the wedding. My mom is excited to make it a nice day.
    FMIL and FFIL are divorced (as are my parents). FMIL is helping paying for the cake and has said something about doing a AFB, but we're not sure if that's going to happen. She talked about paying the RD, but her and my mom talked and decided to just do pizza since we'll also be decorating that night.
    FFIL has said he'd help pay for the alcohol, but he works construction so you never know what his work is going to be like and that effects his pay check. FI told him he didn't have to help pay for anything, but he wants to.
  • k22tk22t member
    edited December 2011
    my parents spent the same amount on my wedding as they did on my sister's
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