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XP: Get me to the gym now!

I accidentally posted this in the July 2013 board, which barely anyone uses because they created a Facebook page, but didn't know how to delete it so I hope it's cool to repost it here as it is more relevant.

I was going for a personal record for days in a row at the gym (today would have been (or will be) day 6, but then missed my trainer appointment this morning. I then decided I'd go at lunch, then at lunch I decided I'd finish work a little early and go, then at around 4, I decided I'd work a full day and go at 5, and so on and so on. So now it is 6:30 and I haven't gone. Please send some encouragement! I'm usually not this much of a procrastinator. I love the gym, and I need to fit in my borderline non-fitting wedding dress.

Re: XP: Get me to the gym now!

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