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I just signed up for my first 5K (race is in late July), and I'm going to do the "Couch to 5K" program. Have any of you tried this? Thoughts?


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    I'm on week 3 and love it! It has definately helped my endurance and I work out more. :) Goodluck.
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  • I did it last summer and it is excellent.  I wasn't running a full 5K on the last week, but was doing it well about two weeks later.

    My biggest piece of advice: running isn't this crazy race where you need to run fast.  Run at a pace that allows you to finish.  If it's slow, then it is slow.  Your speed will eventually pick up as your endurance does.  Don't overdo it.
  • I am on the fifth week right now and I love it.  I can run for much longer than I could before starting the program.  I haven't lost much weight doing this, but I have toned up a lot and my smaller clothes fit again.
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  • My Fi did this a few months ago.  He went from hating running to loving it.  Now he's running about 6.5 kms.  You can get lots of great apps if you have an iPhone (Don't know about other phones), they cheer you on and tell you when to walk and run.
  • I have this and I highly recommend it.  Unfortunately, I haven't stuck with it - but it definitely makes running seem less daunting.  Now that I'm engaged and looking towards a wedding (not to mention bikinis this summer!) I'm going to pick it up again.  Good luck with your 5k, I'm sure you'll do great!
  • Love C25K.  My advice sounds controversial, but:  even if you feel like you can do more than what the program says, DON'T.  And if you don't feel ready to move on (a couple of the weeks make pretty decent jumps), don't be afraid to repeat a week, or make up your own that's somewhere in between.  Push yourself a bit, of course, but if you're absolutely dying at the end of a week and the next week looks terrifying, it's ok to do something a little in between or repeat the last week. 

    Drink lots of water, stretch, and cross train!

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  • Oh,a nd make sure you have the right shoes.  If you have a lot of "bad" pain (ie, not normal muscle soreness--so shin splints, ankle and knee pain, hip pain, etc) you're either doing too much, or you have the wrong shoes on, or both.  I always advocate runners (especially first time runners or people who haven't run in a long time) go to a specialty store and get fitted.  (And if that scares you and you think they'll put you in the most expensive shoes EVER, they should give you a range of options.  I ended up spending a TON less--like 60% less--on the shoes that the running store put me in than what I had been spending on the wrong shoes I was wearing before.  If they only give you expensive options, try another store.)

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  • I had never heard of this...I decided to start it today to complement by bicyle riding.  thanks for the idea!
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