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hit a wall

Do you ever feel like you're having a great workout, but then you hit a wall and all of a sudden it's really really hard?  On Saturday I was doing my weekly long run, and it was going fine, up until about mile 12.  As soon as I passed that marker, my body just kind of said 'nope, no more, I'm done'.  The last 4 miles of the run (I ended up finishing the 16) were super hard.  At first I was really upset about it, like I started thinking how am I going to finish 26 miles if my body gives out after 12?  But then the more I thought about it, I realized I hadn't slept well the night before, so I was tired to begin with, I didn't eat as well on Friday as I usually do the day before a long run, and I didn't take any of those energy gels that I'm supposed to be using.  So now I feel a little better about it, and hopefully next time won't be so tough!

Re: hit a wall

  • Do you take any GU, beans or blocks on your long runs?  They really help to avoid crashing on longer runs!
  • I meant to get GU for this weekend, but I forgot.  I'm going to try it next time and hopefully that will help.  Any recommendations on flavor?
  • I just tried the sports beans and the cliff shot blocks in black cherry and liked both of those.  I have heard that the GU gets all sticky if your mouth is dry so I haven't tried them though some people love them.  Maybe buy a few that sounds appealing to you and see which you like the best?  They say you should use them for any runs over an hour!
  • I agree, you need something to keep your energy up! Around mile 12 is usually where I start to get sluggish, I eat some of those 100% fruit snacks and they tend to help. Most of all, don't get discouraged about finishing the 26.2! Just takes your runs one bit at a time, and know that you are working hard and hard work=accomplishing goals so you can do it. btw, when is your marathon?
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