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Has anyone seen this?

I have to admit that given all the talk about Jillian on this board, and the fact that she is pretty much known for her tough love mentality and hard work/nothing comeas easy unless you work for it attitude, I was utterly FLOORED when I saw these advertised in US Weekly last night!|JILLIAN+MICHAELS

Re: Has anyone seen this?

  • That's disappointing.
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  • Yeah, I saw that about a week ago and lost so much respect for her. I don't understand why she would put her name on a product like that when her book talks about how you should not take so many chemicals and caffeine... Major disappointment
  • looks like she sold out
  • I can't believe it. She used to be so inspiring.
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  • I saw a big cardboard cut out outside of GNC at the mall, and thought it was just for her brand of vitamins, but I didn't realize it was for "quick fix weight loss" pills. That makes me really sad, because I loved how she proved to people that all you need is a balanced diet and exercise. Boo.
  • She is considered a celebrity and will put her name on something for a quick buck. It's sad but true. :-(
  • My partner told me about this a few weeks ago and we were both SOOOO disappointed. Vitamins are one thing but "quick WL pills" are B.S.
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    I think its awful that such a public figure for weight loss and what not is endorsing something like that. Id much rather see her name on a high quality vitamin or protein powder, but those just look like gimmicks that people who dont know enough will buy into because they see her face on it. Sad.
  • I saw that and it really bummed me out. I still love her workouts, though.
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