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Cannot Get Going! :(

Hey everyone! I'm a newbie to the boards here but definitely need some support and accountability in order to get my butt back in gear.I'm engaged (yay!) and planning a wedding for NEXT New Year's Eve (2010). We decided to wait a little while because I am a second year graduate student. I see some others are grad students too (I so feel your pain). I've been very stressed lately and I think part of it has to do with putting on about 10 pounds and not working out consistently. I know that I always feel better when I work out, so why don't I? It seems like I always have great intentions but when 6 a.m. rolls around and its dark outside I just want to keep sleeping because I'm exhausted!There is an Anytime Fitness by my house (about a mile away) where I get a discount through my employer. I am considering getting a membership as I know that I'm much more likely to go if I know I'm paying for it... but what are your thoughts? I have the access to the campus workout center but it's always PACKED and a ways from my house.My goal is to lose about 15 pounds and I would like to do it consistently and slow but sure, but I definitely need someone to keep me accountable and basically be some support... can you help me?!

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    Hey there!  Just wanted to chime in here and say you can definitely get accountability here, just join one of the threads depending on what you're interested in (workouts, food, etc).  Also, don't be afraid of running.  I was severely asthmatic and pretty chubby all my life, so I never thought I'd be able to run and I did the C25K program.  It's designed for people who haven't run before, and there's even a program you can do before you start if you're just starting out with fitness (I believe it involves a certain amount of walking a couple times a week).  There are also a ton of good workout DVDs if you don't want to join a gym or have a hard time motivating yourself to not only get up early, but get up early and go to the gym.  Sometimes it's easier just to do something at home.  Congrats on your engagement!
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    Definitely take a second look at C25K. I havent' looked at it lately, but it starts you off at a walk/run. If you need to, start with 1 min run/3 min walk, and repeat until you hit 30 min. Each week run a little longer and walk a little less, and you'll be building up before you know it! If that's not for you, then finding some other challenge outside of the normal gym routine might be what you need to get the motivation back.
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