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An email message from FI

Subject: GymI'm ready to do it. This totally made my day.  I told him his decision made me happy.  It really does.  My gym nis offering a deal where you can sign up for "guest privileges" and up to 2 guests can come as many times as they want.  Hopefully, we can sign him up today.I just wanted to let others know that if their DH's or FI's are a little reluctant, keep being a role model and perhaps, they too, will come around. :)

Re: An email message from FI

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    That so great! I bet it will help to keep you motivated too. I ask my FI at least twice a week if he wants to join me at the gym or for a walk. I'm hoping that one of these days he takes me up on the offer.
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    That's so awesome! He obviously wants to keep up with your foxiness :) Way to set a good exmple. This is totally reassuring news, too, b/c my FI is the same way...
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    That's awesome!My stupidhead H does manual labour all day (installing hardwood flooring) so he burns calories by the bushel.  Then he comes home and eats everything, and loses weight.Grrrrr.I confess, sometimes I try to sabotage him.  In a lighthearted, baking cookies kind of way.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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