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I'm torn about what to do about all my big clothes that don't fit anymore. I would get rid of them, but then I wouldn't have anything to wear... and I can't afford new clothes. Thoughts?

Re: Torn.....thoughts?

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    if you're a fan of shopping online, try ebates - it gives you a percentage back of what you spend (i like it but i'd get more out of it if i'd remember to use it more).

    also, be careful with what you try to hold onto - i ran into a problem with pants that were too big in the waist. i ended up sticking my belly out to try to hold them up, and that's no good for the posture or your abs, so don't do that! lol

    if you're not ready to part with/downsize from your old stuff yet, safety pins were a close friend of mine for a while too :]
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