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I just started dieting and excercising not too long ago.  I have been eating about 1400 calories a day.  I feel like that is a reasonable amount of calories but by the end of the day I'm soooo hungry =( I got used to eating about the same portion sizes as my fiance and I am just realizing how unreasonable that is.  He eats alot of food! So maybe my body is just shocked because it's used to having so much more.  How do you keep yourself from going hungry? I need something to take my focus off ice cream
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Re: Hungry!

  • I think 1400 is reasonable for someone at an average activity level. Are you exercising a lot? When I am training for a half or full marathon, I feel like I never stop eating.
    If you haven't been at it that long, your body just may be getting used to it.
    Try keeping lots of fruit around, which always helps me.
  • For me, protein is the key to filling the hunger void. Try almonds, greek yogurt and string cheese for snacks; and lots of fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) and lean meats for meals.
  • Protein! Everything PP mentioned, and also hard boiled eggs and hummus with vegetables are my savior.
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  • If you're hungry, it's for one of two reasons.

    1.  You're not eating enough.
    2.  You're not eating the RIGHT foods.

    If you're filling most of those 1400 calories with lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and fruits and veggies without much processed crap and refined sugars, you're probably just not eating enough.  Our bodies are pretty awesome at knowing what they need, if only we'd listen. 

    A third possibility is that you're not ACTUALLY hungry and you're really bored or something else.  But take a good hard look at WHAT you're eating, not just how much, and go from there.

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  • I agree with PP - protein is a lifesaver when you're hungry. One egg has 80 calories and can keep you from feeling hungry for a couple of hours. I don't get as hungry when I have protein for breakfast (typically 2 eggs and a piece of whole grain toast).

    You could also throw together a salad, which can really fill you up and is good for you, as long as you don't drown it in heavy dressings. 3 cups of spinach is 30 calories.
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  • Protein and water!  Try using a fitness tracker, too.  I've been using WebMD's Food & Fitness Tracker and I love it.  It'll give you a breakdown of how much you should eat and how much you should exercise based on your current weight and your goals. 

    I got used to eating like my fiance, too, which was not good. :(
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  • Agree with PPs. Vegetables and salad are great because they have lots of fiber, which helps you feel full, but very few calories. Just don't pile on the (non-vegetable) toppings or dressing. When I eat salad, I keep the dressing on the side and dip my fork in it before every bite. It's enough dressing to give you the flavor but saves you a lot of fat and empty calories!

    And for Pete's sake, don't give up ice cream entirely. That's dooming yourself to failure. Just really watch your portions. My friend who's a very svelte nurse watches her calories all week and exercises, then has "Fried Food Friday" where she relaxes and enjoys whatever she wants.
  • Thanks Guys! I guess my activity level is average, I take my dog for an hour walk every day, plus I do cardio kickboxing for 45 minutes to an hour 5 times a week. I also work as a grocery bagger so I'm constantly moving around at work.  It's probably true that I'm not eating the right foods, and sometimes I do feel hungry just because I'm bored.  I'm definitely going to incorporate more veggies, fruits, and protein! I like "Fried Food Friday" lol  =) I might try that! And I could never give up ice cream entirely, it's the second love of my life!
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  • mmm now i'm hungry for a big spinach salad with hard boiled eggs =)!
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    1400 calories may not be enough. Try bumping it up to 1800 and cut back slowly so its not as much of a shock.
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