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jillian Michaels Body Revolution?

Has anyone tried this? Does it actually work??? Thanks :)

Re: jillian Michaels Body Revolution?

  • I haven't tried it.  I will look into it though.  I have 4 of her workout DVD's.
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    I just saw the informercial too.  It looks like it would work.  I mean as long as you stick to anything and have a good diet, I am sure you will get results.  I am also thinking of trying it.
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  • I have a lot of her other DVDs, which are great. Her ripped in 30 is great, I am on week 4, eating well, and adding in a few cardio workouts a week. You get to see your progress each week and how strong you get. I would love to get her new DVDs, but think she has other great ones out and you don't need to spend the money on it.
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    [QUOTE]Has anyone tried this? Does it actually work??? Thanks :)
    Posted by bostonbride1081[/QUOTE]

    I absolutely love it! I'm on week 7 and can totally tell there are results. You have to stick to it though if you want to see results. There are 6 workouts every week so you only get one day off.
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