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DB Goddess

Has anyone tried the DB Goddess fast pack?
If so, thoughts on it...
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Re: DB Goddess

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    Are you serious?
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    All I'm going to say is this: If losing weight was as simple as taking a pill, we would all be our ideal size.
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    Not a fan.  I went to their website, read the list of active ingredients and am not impressed.  It doesn't look safe at all.
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    I actually did try them and will try to give a real response.  I did them as close to directions as possible if I remember correctly. (about 1 year ago)

    What they say on the commercials and in store is really what you will get. Did I lose a ton of weight for doing nothing? HECK NO! However, during the day I was a lot more focused and alert (which are things I have problems with). I found that it cut back on the cravings I had during the day to keep me on track. I was working in a fast food place and the smell of fries and stuff topped with me being able to eat them whenever I wanted is a hard thing to be in control of for 8 hour shifts.

    As far as the workouts go I did see an increase in the amount of time I could run instead of walk and overall felt better during and after.

    I never felt jittery like I do after energy drinks and found to have more energy overall.

    It didn't make me lose weight on its own, it helped me run more and have the energy to do it and kept my stomach from growling during lunch when I had to work instead of eat. I even found that a lean cuisine meal would fill me up by the end of the pack instead of leaving me wanting more.

    It is expensive though and I only got the one pack and have never gotten it again. Would I get more though if I could? Yes.

    Perhaps it was more of a placebo. Maybe I knew that I spent $75 on this 2 month pack and didn't want them to be wasted but I made better choices on them that I would have not done otherwise. I ran more and still could do weights after and ate better food.

    Overall, it's not something you just take and lose weight, you have to work for it. BUT if you are going to try anyway I found it to be helpful with 0 side effects. Just follow the directions and make sure you ask the guy at the supplement store if it is right for you because they are the final say (they are certified and I'm not)


    Disclaimer: I was only 2 months off of my anti-depressants and still dealing with some of the problems such as focus and mood swings at the time.This was my personal account of it so I can't talk for anyone else how it works.

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