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Does anyone have any recommendations for any Kinect Fitness games?  I've heard mixed reviews about Jillian Michael's as well as Zumba fitness.  If anyone has any personal experience from any fitness games, I'd love to hear it.  Thank you!

Re: Xbox 360 Fitness Games

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    I love the Zumba game. 30 minutes goes by really fast but gets you huffing and puffing a bit. I have the Biggest Loser Game and the Your Shape Evolved but I haven't explored them enough to say one way or another. I have also heard the Dance Central games are good because they are fun but the dancing moves are pretty good cardio and challenging.
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    I love Zumba! It's a great workout and fun once you get the hang of it (if you're like me and not at ALL a dancer, haha). We also have the EA Active 2 (I have 1 for the Wii). My fiance liked it, though I just realized I still haven't tried it. I also just got Dance Central and Just Dance 3, and I'm excited to try them out. FI liked Dance Central better than Zumba.
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    I like Dance Central 2 on the fitness setting :)
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