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New Balance Sneaker Giveaway - Post below and be entered!

New Balance Sneaks Sweeps –

We’re giving away two great prizes from New Balance on the Getting in Shape board, and all you need to do is post below on how these products can help you achieve your fitness goal. Your post can be short and sweet (give us a sentence!) or you can write to your heart’s content.

Grand Prize is a pair of New Balance 759 running shoes that debuted this summer for a lightweight, cushioned ride. The GP winner will also receive a pair of NP Shorts equipped with a music-friendly back pocket and an interior key pocket for secure storage during a workout. (Winner will give us their choice of size for each.)

The Runner-up will receive a pair of New Balance 812 Training shoes, also debuting this summer and perfect for everything from weight lifting to fitness classes.

Sweeps begins on Thurs, July 29th and ends at 12 ET on Aug 5th. See official contest rules here.

Post here and tell us how these products would help your fitness goals!
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Re: New Balance Sneaker Giveaway - Post below and be entered!

  • Awesome contest! I hope I win. My current sneakers are so old and I'd love a new pair!
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    This is a great idea.  I've been on the lookout for a pair of "outside" shoes for a while, these would be perfect!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I love NB shoes! They are the only ones that fit my feet correctly for both running and boot camp. I go through boot camp shoes about every 2 months, so a free pair or 2 would REALLY help keep the costs down so I can continue to go. 
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  • I desperately need a new pair of sneakers - I'm wearing a cheap payless pair from 3 years ago!  I've noticed that my knees, feet and ankles have been hurting as I've been going to the gym more and a new pair of sneakers would seriously help me in meeting my fitness goals.  I've signed up for my first 5k in September of this year and would love to sport a new pair of sneakers and the shorts shown here for that!  Feeling hopeful :)
  • I love NB! Like Sarah said, NB fit my feet correctly where others don't. I'm training (or trying) for a half-marathon in September. I made the decision a while back that I was tired of being unhealthy and wanted to do something about it.
  • I tried 6 pairs of running shoes before I found a pair that worked, and yeah, they're the NB 759s.  I'm marathon training and will need a new pair soon!
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    For the past several months I've been running barefoot, as I ran my running shoes into pieces and literally off my feet one day when I had to run from a rabid bear in my neighborhood. (They were obviously NOT New Balance shoes!) The callouses have finally replaced the blisters, but I still wake up at night screaming from dreams of running on summer hot pavement. My therapist says if I have new running shoes I'll be better able to cope with the scars.

    Not really. But those are awesome shoes, and I'd love to win a pair so I can continue to work out and lose weight! :)
  • My shoes have been killing my feet lately and it's makes me not want to walk, which I really need to do to lose weight.
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  • New Balance has the best fit for my wide feet - comfortable for class at the Y, a video at home, or a light hike.
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  • I would love some new sneakers!  Mine are very old and make my feet numb when doing the elliptical for long periods of time, I need some new shoe love, it would help me get to my goal weight for my wedding!
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  • I just committed to running my first 5K this September. My sister just returned from her second tour in Iraq. Pretty much all she had to do over there to keep herself busy was to run. I'm not a fan of running but she has tried and tried to get me started because of the health benefits. I told her that if she made it home safely,  I would train for a 5K. She thankfully made it home safely so I am now training for a 5k. New shoes would certainly make running a lot easier - and help me lose weight, which is the ultimate goal. :)
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  • My old running sneakers are pretty much past the end of their life right now, having gotten me through half marathon training.  With saving for wedding expenses and such, I just don't have the money to replace them right now.  I know that NB makes awesome shoes, and would love a new pair!
  • My runners just died this week. I would love, love, love a new pair - especially because New Balance are my faves!
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    I have a heart condition that I've been able to control with regular cardio exercise. Regular exercise has helped slowly lower my resting heart rate and keep me feeling well without taking prescription medication. Not taking medication helps me feel in control of my body and I always feel accomplished that I'm bettering myself and my overall heath.

    I've had the same pair of NBs for over three years now and although they've been well loved, I'm ready to love a new pair.

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  • All of my "runner" friends always recommend NB sneakers, but I have been too cheap to buy them, (I love a bargain- but am sick of achey arches). Winning a pair would just take the cake!
  • I love walking outdoors, so those sneakers and shorts would be PERFECT!  The shorts would make carrying my iPod so much easier!  With my wedding just over 2 months away, winning some cute new sneaks would really give me even more motivation to get in shape! 
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  • I'm getting back into shape while my husband's deployed. My goal is around 30-40lbs, but it's also more about how I feel than a concrete number.

    My best friend's FI is also deployed, so we're starting Operation: Hot Body. We'll be doing P90X and mixing in some running and 30 Day Shred after our first 90 days.
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  • I'd love a new pair of shoes!!

    Here's why: I was D1 college athlete--track and field. I've been a runner my entire life, that is--up until a year and a half ago. Out of nowhere, my right thigh (amidst still running), started to hurt. I assumed I had just pulled my quad, or run into something like the klutz I am--and kept on trucking. It hurt for two weeks, but finally felt like it was getting better. Unfortunately, the pain took a turn for the worst, and my leg started to swell up, almost double its normal size. I went to the doctors, and they sent me home with a script for Alieve, claiming they thought it might be a blood clot--but, as a student, they didn't want to rack up my insurance running an ultrasound on my leg. By the time I got home, I couldn't walk. My husband (FI at the time) took me straight to the ER---I was instantly admitted to the hospital, and spent the next week there, under going tests, X-rays, MRI's, and finally surgery. I was finally diagnosed with a rare disease: Autoimmune Focal Myositis. 

    It took me a month to recover from the surgery, and to be able to walk normally again, but that wasn't the end of my battle. My health continued to go down hill; my hair started to fall out, my weight started dropping drastically, and I began to physically fall apart. For the past year and a half, I have been in and out of hospitals, faced many different cancer scares, multiple surgeries, and I'm continually searching for an answer to the overall illness---but, what's bothered me the most, is that I lost my "runner" self. I haven't set foot in a gym since April of 2009; I've forgotten what it means to run. Ever since I got sick, I've been afraid to work out, or to run....I'm afraid I wouldn't know the difference between my muscles genuinely being sore, or another autoimmune attack destroying my muscles again. 

    I've since gotten rid of all of my running shoes (but, I keep all of my sprinting spikes tucked away...hoping one day I'll be back on the track). Perhaps a new pair of shoes is just what I need to get away from my fear and back on the track. 
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  • This is awesome!

    I would LOVE these new kicks! I have wide feet so it's really hard to find shoes that fit properly and are comfortable for those evening walks with FI and the pugs.  I've always found NB shoes to fit well and be really comfy.  Winning these would definitely give me a boost on our nightly outings.

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  • New Balance shoes are great for wide feet! Maybe having some comfortable running sneakers would help me to get out and actually run!
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  • Love New Balance shoes! I also love those purple shorts.. and they have a key pocket?? I need these so I can quit putting my house key in my sock when I run. Laughing I have a lot of running to do before the wedding in December!
  • Three years ago, My then-boyfriend and I did weight watchers together.  We lost 30 plus pounds each and really felt great...  He decided to quit going with me, for whatever reason, and I gave up.  We have gained everything back plus some, and it is so frustrating.

    My DH and I are finally fed up.  This summer, we have been doing a combination of eating a well-balanced diet, walking, jogging, 30 day shred, and riding our road bikes in order to lose weight.  I am kind of at a slump after losing ten pounds, and seeing the pounds continue drop off of him as I meticulously journal everything I put in my mouth can be frustrating.  Getting some new workout digs would boost my confidence tremendously, and give me all the more reason to push towards our goal of fitness. 

    Good luck to all you gals who are working towards fitness goals...  I think it's one of the most rewarding and frustrating life journeys you can take yourself on.
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  • My currently work out shoes are in horrible shape, and I'm in the market for some new ones.  I am really trying to get my work outs into a consistent routine which is difficult with a move and wedding coming up.  I'd really like to get into my pre-college shape again!

    I'm also looking forward to taking long walks with our goldendoodle pup that will be joining us in about 1.5 weeks!  Hopefully I can get on a consistent routine and help wear down the pup's energy at the same time (new shoes can only help this cause :)
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  • I would love to have some new shoes and shorts!  I have been wearing the same workout shorts for quite a while now.  Shoes can get pricey!  I have never tried New Balance, but would really like to!
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  • I always have the urge to run, but I've never been able to afford the correct shoes to do it in, so it hurts my shins.  With these shoes, hoepfully I'd be able to run more.
  • I started daily workouts 4 months ago and I've never felt better! Except for my feet and my knees.  The old sneakers are on their last legs and have zero shock absorbtion left. A new pair of trainers would be a perfect gift to get me through the next 50 days of workouts - and they'd be great to wear after the wedding on our way to the airport :)
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  • I'd love to move my current "gym" shoes to "outside" shoes and have these as my new "gym" shoes! Plus, who doesn't love the look of new tennis shoes?! 
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  • i would love these!!!!! i have trouble with sneakers because i have a bad back, terribly weak ankles, and flat feet. new balance is pretty much the only sneaker i can wear that gives enough support. i am always needed new sneakers to help me keep running and training!!!!!
  • I'd love a new pair of sneakers! New Balance sneakers are great I've had them before. My sneakers right now aren't supporting my feet properly when I try to run at the gym and it causes shin pain. The cushion in these would be so helpful!
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  • I would LOVE to win some new shoes... With an upcoming wedding could use them to help get in shape sense shoes aren't on top of the list of items to purchase!!! and I only ever buy NB shoes!!
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