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HELP! 3 months to go!!

Hey all! I realized that I only have 3 months left until the big day and I'm still 15 pounds away from my goal! Otherwise I'm for sure not going to be able to fit into my dress! (I know this because I've gained this weight since I first tried it on.WP stress sucks btw!) I bought a Living Social deal for 20 hot yoga classes and just started today and I'm determined to go 3x/week. Does anyone have any experience losing weight doing hot yoga? Also, does anyone have any advice on how to rev up my routine? I should also note that I've had prior injuries to my right hip and knee. TIA!
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Re: HELP! 3 months to go!!

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    It's hard to tell you what else you should do when we don't know what you're already doing.  Are you tracking your meals?  If not, you should.  A lot of us use  It's free and easy to use.  What exercise do you do besides hot yoga?  

    Good luck on the last three months.  I just realized that I'm almost at 5 months (after being engaged for 2 years), and still have a lot to do.
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    Yoga doesn't really get your heart rate up so I'm not sure how good it is for fat loss. Do you do any cardio?

    Your diet should be your number one priority. Losing weight and being healthy is 70% diet / 30% working out. You cannot out train a bad diet. Are you food logging? If not, you should start. Use something like myfitnesspal or spark people (both free). They will give you a calorie goal to stick within to lose 1-2lbs per week, whatever you set your goal at. Also, try to eat as clean as possible.
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    I'm at the 3 month / 15 pound goal as well... thanks for the myfitnesspal tip!
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    Hot yoga really doesn't burn many more calories than any other form of yoga. So I'd definitely add in something else if you want to lose a bit more weight - running, swimming, etc. Something to really get your heart rate up, like PP suggested.

    BUT- I do love hot yoga classes. Yoga is good for your body, it's great for stretching, and even muscle strength. The heat in the room will help your body relax so you can get a bit deeper into the poses, and helps you focus.

    You also mentioned some stress regarding the wedding - yoga typically helps people with that (any exercise in general usually does, but yoga's a great way to accomplish this in particular) so going a few times a week will hopefully help out in that area too.

    Definitely re-evaluate what you're eating, too. That'll be key in trying to lose it. Track if you need to, be honest with yourself, and focus on fueling your body.
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    I'm not sure what other's experience have been or what type of hot yoga, etc. but it has really helped me lose weight.  I had been doing kickboxing twice a week and started watching what I ate several months earlier with little progress (lost 5 pounds in 6 months) then started doing hot yoga 2x a week and dropped the kickboxing to once a week. From March to June I lost 15 pounds and really didn't change much except adding the hot yoga.

    I know there are different types of hot yoga, I do Sumit's version. I honestly don't know how different it is from Bikram but it is in a room heated to 105 degrees, 90% humidity and 80 minutes long. In that 80 minutes we are constantly moving from one pose to the next. Only 3 savasanas totaling 4 minutes.

    Is this similiar to the class you are taking?
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    Thanks for the myfitnesspal tip guys! I'll start doing that!  It's day 2 of hot yoga for me and I haven't started on anything else but I think I might start adding cardio like everyone says. Has anyone gotten any results from Insanity? The infomercials look exhausting but the before/after pictures are quite intriguing... Or maybe that's too insane?

    @lindanp - I'm doing a Bikram class that is 105 degrees and 40% humidity for 90 minutes. I noticed that we did savasanas between each set of floor poses. It sounds like yours is more intense! 
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    It sounds like the classes we take are pretty similiar. I really hope you have as good of an experience with it as I had (and continue to have) - it has really helped me de-stress as other posters said. I also have less frequent stomach aches (an issue for me), headaches and sugar cravings than before.

    I have done insanity twice with my fiance. It is pretty hard but if you keep up with it I'm sure it wouldn't seem too bad.

    Good luck!
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