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Does Weight Watchers really work?

So I am the kind of person who finds it really hard to stick to something and get motivated. But I really want to drop some LBs for my big day - I have a year to lose... I've never been able to drop pounds, but then again never gave something a true shot. Please inspire me with your success stories, tips, advice, anything! Thanks girls!
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Re: Does Weight Watchers really work?

  • All of my friends have done weight watchers and loved it. It does get pricey when you add up the reading material, the weigh ins and the brand food. 

    I am doing at home workouts with instant netflix. Similar to Zumba is the dance workout series. They are pretty good. I like them and have been loosing good weight.
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  • ive been on weight watchers since october and ive dropped 35 lbs .... its not pricy at all ... just the sign up fees for the weekly meetings ... u dont have to buy reading materials or weight watchers things .... they help you and give stuff away at the meetings .... ive tried every diet as well as work out routines ... and weight watchers is the only one that has worked for me ....

  • I've been interested in WW as well. The way it's been explained to me is that it's like counting calories, but instead you get a point value to add up. Plus the meetings and stuff but I'd probably just do the online thing. What makes it worth the money over counting calories and doing workout DVDs and such in your opinion?
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  • Well with me ... I can't do the online ww .... Didn't work ... The motivation from going to the meetings is like nothing else ... You get recipes and tips from people who have been there done that ... I've tried counting calories in the free programs on my phone .... I stuck with it for a little didn't get results like ww but got sorta results .... I find that when I am paying for something ... Which it only comes out to a few bucks a week ... I paid 140 for 12 weeks ... That I tend to stick to it much better ... Just the sheer fact that I have to be there every Thursday night bc I have already paid and I need to prove to my leader that I am dedicated and the scale went down not up is all of the motivation I need ... Yes ww isn't for everyone ... But im not the only one who has had the success with it ... Ww in my opinion is the only true dieting system that has fully worked for me my mother my sister in law and my step mother ( who is a lifetime member and now a leader) Hth
  • My fi also is doing weight watchers and he is almost at lifetime goal ... So not only is it something that helps ... It's a life changing habit that you learn ... And it's something that my fi and I are start
  • It works. I lost 20lbs in about 3 months. FI and I did it together, so we didn't go to meetings. He signed up at the meeting his aunt runs, and we bought a calculator and some books that list point values. After that, we just used the calculator to figure out points so we didn't spend any more money. I was super hungry at first because I was used to eating way too much, but it definitely got easier as I went. I recommend for WW recipies. 
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  • It works if you stick to it and if you really follow the plan. Points are figured by using fat, fiber, carbs, and protein, no consideration for calories, because calories do not give a full representation of what's in a food. For example, you can have a doughnut and a meal of whole wheat toast, light bacon, egg whites, and fruit for the same amount of calories, but the latter meal has more nutrients and fiber/protein to keep you full longer. 

    If you have medical issues, like I do, you may have a harder time. I have been on WW for 9 months, and "only" lost about 20 pounds, but slower is healthier anyway. Losing weight quickly just makes it that much easier to put back on. 

    You can attend a meeting for free, just to try it out. I need the motivation and the accountability that weighing in/meetings give me. I also use the online tools to track my points and my weight loss progress. 
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  • My fiance's brother in law has lost 85 pounds on Weight Watchers and really likes some of the resources like the app on his phone when he goes out to eat.
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  • I'm not sure about weight watchers, but if it doesn't work for you, I started the South Beach diet at the beginning of Jan and have lost 10 lbs with little exercise. I would highly recommend it. I have always struggled with my weight and hate depriving myself so I was weary of this diet. After one week of no breads and sugars (which was tough) I feel amazing. I no longer have desert cravings, which were always a problem for me and as you move along in the diet, you can have limited carbs (mostly whole grain.) It's a great way to stop cravings and start eating differently. Definitely something I plan to continue for the rest of my life.

    Good luck with your fitness plan!
  • I've been doing it online for a month and have lost 8.4 pounds. I love it! I love that fruits and veggies are no points, since I now eat fruit all the time. But I have to save that my favorite part is when I put in my weight and the screen pops up and says "Congratulations! You lost weight again this week. Keep doing what you're doing!" It makes me feel so good!

    Good luck! Before I started WW, I was never really able to take the weight off. It's so exciting when clothes start fitting right again. Remember, it's a lifestyle change, but it's so worth it!
  • I started WW in October. I have lost at least a pound every week. I only do online, because I'm always online as it is, and I would find many reasons to not show up at a meeting but no excuses to not weigh in on my day at home. The tools with the site can help you to change recipes you enjoy for healthier options (like using non-fat Greek yoghurt instead of cream & no one has been able to spot the difference). As PP mentioned, you should lose on average 1 - 2 pounds per week (and the online version questions you if you lose too fast to be sure you're staying healthy). 

    Good luck!
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    Yes it works!!! and I do suggest meetings because they REALLY help you to stay motivated and be part of a healthy community....

    its awesome and something you can do your whole life
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    [QUOTE]All of my friends have done weight watchers and loved it. It does get pricey when you add up the reading material, the weigh ins and the brand food.  I am doing at home workouts with instant netflix. Similar to Zumba is the dance workout series. They are pretty good. I like them and have been loosing good weight.
    Posted by amanda1611t[/QUOTE]

    I've never been charged for reading material and buying the WW or Smart Ones foods are optional. It's not like Jenny Craig where you have to buy their stuff.
  • I love WW!!

    Your only regret will be not doing it sooner! 
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  • Yep it definitely works!

    The first time I did it I lost 15 pounds. I was only doing WW and not working out. It was a slow loss, but a loss none the less. I slowly gained it back as I fell of the wagon and gained an extra 15 on top of it.

    I'm back on it (7 years later) and it's going well. The main difference is that this time I work out, a lot. High intensity workouts. I'm also a way better eater now, and that helps A LOT. Before I was super picky and got bored on WW because I was eating only the frozen meals and the same foods. Now I cook a lot more, and branch out eating new things.
  • As long as you have time to plan your meals, and take the time to measure and weigh everything, eat all of your points, drink your water and excersise WW is amazing!!
  • WW is AMAZING!!!  I was on it about a year ago, and the lbs came off pretty quick.  I think I lost 4 lbs in my first 2 weeks.  I definitely recommend WW!  I fell off the wagon, and just started up again today!  My FI brother is getting married in June, so that is my first goal.  My only recommendation with the WW is make sure you write your points down after every time you eat/drink, or before you know it you'll be going over your points.  Good Luck!!

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