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Gym everyday for 30 days. The gym is saving my sanity

I found the more stressed I am getting into planning this wedding the more I am at the gym. I read in this months Shape magazine that Molly Sims did 30 days straight of working out. So I figued I could do that and it's a good way to get in a habit. So far on day 7 and I feel better, and am far more relaxed. When I am super stressed I get on the treadmill and stay on it until I am not longer thinking about what I am worried abuot. Just do that when no one is around waiting on the treadmill. Started couch to 5K to incorporate running. Now adding yoga, seriously that is not playing but I feel so relaxed when I get done. Just doing yoga On Demand videos.  Highly recommend some form of excerise to reduce stress!

Re: Gym everyday for 30 days. The gym is saving my sanity

  • That's a great goal!  I know the more stressed I am, the more important it is that I get to the gym.
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  • I 100% agree. My stress level has gone WAY up after I stopped going to the gym. Even just the little bit that I've done this week has helped me. It is such a stress reliever.
  • I like this idea, I think I might give it a try. I'm always less stressed after the gym. I have no idea what happens in my brain at the gym but while I'm there I feel like my brain just shuts down for a little bit.
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    Today will make Day 10 and I have more energy, my endurance is higher and a added bonus I'm finally losing weight!!
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