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Snacking problems!

So now being newly engaged and planning our wedding we' d like to lose .  little bit of weight in the next year and tone up so we can enter our marriage healthy and looking our best! Who doesn't! We have  loads of recipes for all major meals throughout the day and I'm a pro at trolling for new ones . My problem is snacking . I love snacks! Also I'm a night shift nurse and we usually LIVE on snacks to survive the night . anyone have any tips or idea for healthy, sustainable snacks? I know fruit is a good option, but I'm looking for some new ideas! 
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Re: Snacking problems!

  • I personally love a wedge of laughing cow cheese (light of course) with 11 butter braid pretzels (half a serving) - it comes in around 100 calories and is a nice salty snack (way better than potato chips - though I admit not all that healthy in general).

    I also always make sure to keep granola bars around - I try to get the ones that are higher in protein and/or fiber and lower in sugar. If you like cooking, I know there are a lot of recipes for healthy granola bars out there that you can make yourself.

    I know a lot of people bring raw veggies like carrot sticks and whatnot - I wish I liked raw veggies enough for that, but it might be a good option for you. Veggies with hummus maybe?
  • Hardboiled eggs are a lifesaver for me. It's so easy to boil a bunch ahead of time and take with you wherever. And they're so nutritious and filling! Greek yogurt (plain, not with the added sugar and flavours) is also a great option. Add some almond butter to your fruit for a boost of nutrients, as well as a bit of fat to slow down the digestion of the sugars from the fruit and to help control satiety.
  • Entropicbeauty: Many vegetables are actually much better digested cooked - tomatoes, peppers, spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc, so don't feel bad about not liking raw vegetables. It took me a long time to realize why I didn't "like" raw vegetables even though I love fruit and cooked vegetables - they just make my stomach feel a bit funny!

  • @Unchaten - they don't make me feel bad, it's totally a texture thing. The texture of certain foods just gets to me, and raw veggies seem to be the worst. But I'll take heaps of cooked veggies any day :)
  • Fruits, pre-cut veggies/premade salad, hummus with crackers or pretzels, trailmix, smoothies... the options are endless!

    I really do recommend putting the "healthy" stuff in an easy to grab place.  Open the fridge, and voila, pre-cut veggies and hummus right at the front ...etc. etc.  I know when I'm in a snacky mood I always grab the first thing I see.  
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    Entropicbeauty I have  the same problem . Certainly  textures bother me both when it comes to veggies and just food in general. Veggies are my biggest hurdle to overcome and become friends with this year! There are some great ideas here though and I'm excited :) I hate grabbing chips or sugary things especially overnight knowing it's not going to keep me going for long and is not a wise choice. 
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